Improved Street Lighting Coming to Camden Park

Improved Street Lighting Coming to Camden Park

Duke Energy will be converting Camden Park streetlights to LEDs this year, as it phases out the old metal halide technology.. The change will mean improved street lighting for safety and efficiency. About 10 of our 97 streetlights have already been converted to LED, and the rest will be changed to provide more consistent light throughout the community. The Streets, Utilities, and Facilities Committee recommended the conversion when Duke began offering the warmer 3000 Kelvin LED fixture. The Camden Board approved the proposal at its February meeting.

Almost half of our fixtures will be converted at no charge to us, while the others will cost only $50 each to upgrade. We’ll recoup that expense within the first year of operation because the LEDs are so much more efficient to run. The warmer, less blue color profile of the 3000K LED most closely matches the color of our old metal halide lights, but the LED provides much greater illumination and coverage per pole.

Benefits include:

  • Greater safety for pedestrians, especially those who walk their dogs at night
  • Environmentally friendly because they require significantly less energy to operate
  • More dependable lighting because LED fixtures last 17 years on average versus 3-4 years for old technology
  • More strategic lighting because LEDs produce a higher quality of light and direct it 180 degrees downward, not 360 degrees
  • More consistent lighting because LEDs provide the same light for the life of the bulb with no warm-up or cool-down periods

Once we’re on the Duke Energy schedule, it should take only a few weeks for all our lights to be converted. We’ll keep you posted as to our progress. Questions? Contact us.