Index to Belted Gazette Features

Index to Belted Gazette Features

Beginning in June, 2020, The Belted Gazette has included a number of articles about notable features of life in Fearrington.  Here are links to a selection of these articles.  The first section contains a chronological list.  Below that is a list indexed alphabetically.

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At the end of the page is a list of monthly “Scene Around Fearrington” photos taken by a number of local photographers.

May 2020An interview with Farmer BobGordon Pitz
Jun 2020Parenting Dogs in the Age of CoronaAnn Melchior
Jul 2020Plant MagicBetty King
 Gardens of Fearrington VillageSheila Creth
Sep 2020Meet the Snakes of FearringtonGordon Pitz
 Trails of FearringtonHelene Carlson
Nov 2020Historic Cemetery at Galloway RidgeMike Zbailey
 Surprising Neighbors: The Big HoleGordon Pitz
Dec 2020Jenny’s Park Clean-up—A Garden Club ProjectDan Frehling
 The Land and the People: Beyond the TombstonesMike Zbailey
 Main Street Pittsboro Receives National AwardKen Sternad
 Chatham Artists Guild Studio Tour, 2020Leslie Palmer
Feb 2021The Light Brigade Rides AgainGordon Pitz
 The “Great Conjunction”Jackie Walters
Mar 2021Fearrington Book Groups, 1Katie Baer & Maggie Pearson
 Sophie Gets a New HomeGordon Pitz
Apr 2021Fearrington Book Groups 2Katie Baer & Maggie Pearson
 Recording Chatham County’s Historical FeaturesKimberly Steiner
May 2021Troubles in BirdlandTad McArdle
 Fearrington Residents and PORCHTad McArdle
Jun 2021Pause for Paws for a CausePat Biggers
 Celebrate 250 Years with Chatham CountyJackie Walters
Jul 2021Food Trucks TrialJackie Walters
 Lyndfield LadiesTad McArdle
Sep 2021Gimme Shelter Part 1Tad McArdle
 Fearrington’s First Night OutJackie Walters
Oct 2021Gimme Shelter Part 2Tad McArdle
Nov 2021Resident Provides Aid to Afghan RefugeesJackie Walters
 Fun and Interesting Facts about PickleballJan Doolin
Dec 2021Chatham Artists Guild Studio Tour, 2021Leslie Palmer
 Kindness, Pie, & a Sense of CommunityDeborah Repplier
 A Change in the WeatherbendTad McArdle
Jan 2022Need for Blood DonorsJackie Walters
 The Cairn and the New YearBob Pearson
 A Yacht Club in Fearrington?Maggie Tunstall
 Golf Club Fall TournamentTad McArdle
Feb 2022Villagers Help Collect School SuppliesJackie Walters
Mar 2022Interview with Ambassador W. Robert PearsonHenri Deschamps
April 2022Rooftop Solar for Your Home, Part 1Larry Newlin
 Voting in Chatham County PrimaryJackie Walters
May 2022Rooftop Solar for Your Home, Part 2Larry Newlin


Alphabetical Listing by Topic

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 Afghan refugeesResident Provides Aid to Afghan RefugeesNov 2921
 Animal sheltersGimme Shelter Part 1Sep 2021
  Gimme Shelter Part 2Oct 2021
 Artists GuildChatham Artists Guild Studio Tour, 2020Dec 2020
  Chatham Artists Guild Studio Tour, 2021Dec 2021
 Big HoleSurprising Neighbors: The Big HoleNov 2020
 Birds, troublesTroubles in BirdlandMay 2021
 Blood donorsNeed for Blood DonorsJan 2022
 Book groupsFearrington Book Groups, Part 1Mar 2021
  Fearrington Book Groups, Part 2Apr 2021
 CairnThe Cairn and the New YearJan 2022
 CemeteryHistoric Cemetery at Galloway RidgeNov 2020
  The Land and the People: Beyond the TombstonesDec 2020
 Chatham County, 250 yearsCelebrate 250 Years with Chatham CountyJun 2021
 DogsParenting Dogs in the Age of CoronaJun 2020
 Ducks, SophieSophie Gets a New HomeMar 2021
 Farmer BobAn interview with Farmer BobMay 2020
 Food trucksFood Trucks TrialJul 2021
 GardensGardens of Fearrington VillageJul 2020
 Golf ClubGolf Club Fall TournamentJan 2022
 Historical featuresRecording Chatham County’s Historical FeaturesApr 2021
 Light BrigadeThe Light Brigade Rides AgainFeb 2021
 Lyndfield ladiesLyndfield LadiesJul 2021
 Main Street PittsboroMain Street Pittsboro Receives National AwardDec 2020
 Night OutFearrington’s First Night OutSep 2021
 Park CleanupJenny’s Park Clean-up—A Garden Club ProjectDec 2020
 Paws for a CausePause for Paws for a CauseJun 2021
 Pearson, Ambassador RobertInterview with Ambassador W. Robert PearsonMar 2022
 PickleballFun and Interesting Facts about PickleballNov 2021
 Pie PartyKindness, Pie, & a Sense of CommunityDec 2021
 Planets, ConjunctionThe “Great Conjunction”Feb 2021
 Plant MagicPlant MagicJul 2020
 PORCHFearrington Residents and PORCHMay 2021
 School suppliesVillagers Help Collect School SuppliesFeb 2022
 SnakesMeet the Snakes of FearringtonSep 2020
 Solar, rooftopRooftop Solar for Your Home, Part 1Apr 2022
  Rooftop Solar for Your Home, Part 2May 2022
 TrailsTrails of FearringtonSep 2020
 VotingRooftop Solar for Your Home, Part 1Apr 2022
 Weatherbend, changeA Change in the WeatherbendDec 2021
 Yacht ClubA Yacht Club in Fearrington?Jan 2022


Each month’s issue of The Belted Gazette contains a selection of photos taken by a local photographer.  These articles were edited by Leslie Palmer.

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