Set your preferences

Did you know you can receive a copy of the FHA Newsletter electronically (by email) and save a tree or two? 

Did you know you could control your delivery of the paper newsletter AND the electronic newsletter? (The subscriptions are independent of each other, so you can have either, neither, or both.) To use this handy feature you need only to be logged in to the FHA website. Once logged-in:

  1. Hover your mouse cursor over the website's top menu "Directory" to see the drop-down menu shown here.
  2. Click "Update Preferences"
  3. Click the tabs for either Paper Subscriptions or e-Subscriptions.
  4. One click on either tab will change your delivery preference.

Note that changes made toward the end of the month may not take effect until the following month if the paper distribution sheets for the month have already been printed and/or the e-Newsletters have already been sent.