1. No lifeguards are on duty. All persons using the pools and spa do so at their own risk.
  2. Everyone must shower before entering the pools or spa.
  3. Persons with open wounds of any sort- skin, eye, ear, nasal or communicable disease or diarrhea are not allowed in the pools or spa.
  4. The pools and spa must be vacated at the first sound of thunder. Individuals may return to the water with the permission of the attendant but no sooner than 30 after the last audible thunder or 45 minutes after lightening. Members are expected to follow this rule even when attendants are not present.
  5. Diving is not allowed. Running and pushing on the pool deck is strictly forbidden. Jumping isallowed but caution not to interfere with the enjoyment of others is expected.
  6. Glass of any sort is prohibited from the pool deck, upper lawn and cabana. If an attendant observes glass the individual will be asked to leave the club. They may reenter without glass.
  7. Children under the age of 15 must be accompanied and actively supervised by an adult member who will be responsible for their safety and behavior.
  8. Non- toilet trained children may use the kid's and main pool if they are wearing swim diapers. Parents must check hourly and replace as needed.
  9. Pets (including emotional support animals) are not allowed in the Club.