Fearrington Swim and Croquet Club Policies

  1. Mallets and balls for use of members and their guests are stored in the equipment box near the entrance to the court. Please replace equipment after use.
  2. Instructions for golf croquet, the most popular version of croquet in Fearrington, are provided on a laminated sheet kept in the equipment box.
  3. If another group is playing on the court when you wish to play, you might be asked to join them. Alternatively, the court can accommodate two groups at a time if the second group begins play a few wickets behind the pace of the first group.
  4. The grass on the court is mowed a few mornings a week. Mowing requires the wickets to be removed and then replaced.
  5. The wickets are occasionally moved to avoid creating bare patches. There is a padded hammer in the equipment shed that can be used to pound in the wickets. In pounding the wickets, please strike the wicket directly above each vertical post. Striking the wickets in the middle causes them to bow,
  6. Children 14 years and younger are only allowed on the croquet court under the direct supervision of an adult member.
  7. The croquet court is for croquet playing exclusively.