Fearrington Swim and Croquet Club Polices

1. Early morning lap swimming is available from 6:00 AM until 10:00 AM. No attendant will be on duty during this period.

2. Lap swimming is available during exercises, space permitting. In case of an exceptionally large class requiring additional space, the number of laps may be reduced. The expectation is that lap swimmers and exercise classes will co-exist.

3. During busy time sharing of lanes is encouraged. Sharing is an option only if the individual already in the lane is willing.

4. When demand is high, please note your start time and limit your lap use to no more than 30 minutes.

5. If lap swim lanes are all occupied, you may indicate you are on deck by picking up a lap swim indicator from the front desk. There will be three pair of indicators; two blue, two yellow and two red.

6. Place one of the indicators at the shallow end of the lap swim lanes and retain the other to indicate your place in line.

7. Markers should be placed in a vertical row, so the marker nearest the pool is the next in line.

8. The marker pertains to the next available lane and not to any specific lane. So, when one puts down a marker, they are not claiming the first, second or third lane but the next available lane When a lane opens gather your markers and return them to the desk before you enter the pool.

9. This will allow the next person to put down a marker.

10. If a member exhibits poor behavior and jumps in the lane before you can enter it that individual will be asked to give up the lane.

11. No guests are allowed during the early morning swim or before attendants are present. Participants are urged to not swim alone.