On October 27, we sent an email (containing inks to the November Newsletter) to all addresses in the FHA directory, 1,810 in total. 60 of these were rejected. A few had invalid email addresses because their owners had changed their addresses. But most were rejected because the receiving email host believed the emails to be spam. The email hosting companies included AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook and a few others.

If you have not been receiving emails with links to the FHA Newsletter, you should add the following email to your Contacts List: Doing so will improve your chances of receiving email from the FHA, including the Newsletter and other important communications from FHA. Please do not report this website as a spam producer! Doing so increases the frequency of undeliverable email to all who need and value the information sent by the FHA in these unsettled times.

The full text of yesterday's emailed FHA Newsletter is reproduced below, in case you were one of the 60 who did not receive it in your email.


This email contains links to the November issue of the newsletter. 

You can access the newsletter on a web page, which is generally easier to read, especially if you use a narrow window such as those on a phone or other mobile device.  Or, if you want to have a PDF version for printing, one is available.  To conserve file space on the web server, the PDF copy is replaced each month by a new issue.  The web page (HTML) versions are preserved in the Newsletter Archive.

The newsletter provides information on several important issues that the FHA Board is confronting.  Note especially an update on the wastewater treatment situation, and a change in management companies for the FHA.  There is a reminder to review your data for the Handbook and Directory and update it if necessary.  There are also illustrated articles describing some interesting features of our neighborhood, including old cemeteries and a remnant of the cold war.  We have the first of what we hope will be a regular series, highlighting volunteers whose work for homeowners is so essential.  As usual, there are announcements from Fearrington Cares, and several clubs and other organizations provide information about their activities.

The web (HTML) version contains tables of contents with links that allow you to go directly to an item that is of interest to you.

The newsletter in HTML format can be viewed by clicking on this link:

FHA Newsletter, November 2020, HTML

A PDF version can be viewed at:

FHA Newsletter, November 2020, PDF