ice and snow on roadsYes, snow and ice are on the way. The effects we typically experience for portions of each winter remind us of the challenges we face on our 82 village streets and roads.

In most instances following snow and ice, plan on slippery walking and driving conditions for 12 to 48 hours, especially in shaded areas. Being in the South, the warming sun should improve conditions quickly. However, the NCDOT does not consider the public roadways in Fearrington Village to be their first priority, and it could be two to three days before these roads are treated and plowed. FHA does not own or maintain any roads within the village.

If residents leave vehicles parked along the edge of roadways within the village, the road crews will not plow the road. Therefore, for the sake of the neighbors on your street, please do not park your vehicles along the roadway.

For more information, visit the Health, Safety, and Security Information blog.

When driving and walking is hazardous, the best course of action is to stay home, open a good book, have a glass of wine, and wait for conditions to improve. Please have a healthy, safe, and secure holiday season.

—Health, Safety, and Security Committee