Get involvedHello, Fearrington.

I am Chris Jaeger, your newly volunteered Social Committee chairman for 2021. The next year has lots of potential to be a great return to social events, and we will be needing volunteers to help get up and running again. It will be a great way for you to get to know your neighbors and help make our community better.

We hope to get The Gathering Place welcome center operating soon. As you may know, it provides you a place to fax and use a copier as well as provide information like newcomers’ packets. With volunteers we had been open on weekday mornings before Covid-19, and we’ll do so again—perhaps starting on a limited schedule.

A big event has been the Easter Egg Hunt. Even though it is an outdoor activity, it may not happen this year. However, there are several other events that traditionally we have sponsored that we plan on continuing. These include Shredding Saturdays, Meet the Board Coffees, Newcomers’ Welcome, and more.

If you have ideas that you think the HOA should consider, send them to me and I will contact you to discuss them in detail. The success of community events depends on our wonderful volunteers, so join the team and find out how much fun we can have. I look forward to hearing from you.

—Chris Jaeger,