The FHA Community Survey found that almost 20% of village residents do not use the FHA website as a source of information, and fewer than 20% use it regularly. This is unfortunate, for the website is the most effective way for us to provide up-to-date information about important topics.

The most frequently used source for information is this newsletter. Proud as we are of the newsletter, however, it has some limitations. Anything you read here was written at least ten days ago, and it cannot be updated for another month.

FHA website 1But, if you are reading the HTML version of the newsletter online, you are in fact using the website right now! At the top of this page you may see a blue menu bar. This provides instant access to the features of the website. (If you are using a phone or other small device, you may not see the full menu; you should see a black bar labeled MENU. Tap the bar to see the full menu.)

On the left of the menu bar (or at the top of the menu on a phone) is a small picture featuring a Beltie. If you tap the picture it takes you to the website’s home page. (Please don’t do that yet, unless you know how to get back to the previous page—i.e., this page—in your web browser.)

FHA website 2At the top of the home page, you will see the most recently posted important information about village activities, whether it be information about Covid-19, FHA dues, or any other important topic. I can’t tell you what you will see, because I’m writing this at least ten days before you read it. But it is probably worth knowing.

In future issues of the newsletter, we’ll introduce you to some other features of the website that you may find useful or important. To access some of them it will be necessary to create an account with the website and log in. We’ll explain how to do that, too, though you can find out how on the website itself.

Happy browsing.

—Gordon Pitz (