snowy roads okIn early February I plan to compile a list of needed repairs such as potholes, cracks, and other issues on state roads in the village that could be a hazard to our residents. If you can identify such hazards, please email the problem with detailed locations to my email address, I will then forward this list to the Chatham Highway Department.

I have requested that NCDOT schedule repainting of the lines on our major village roads and add turning arrows on the intersection of Village Way and 15-501. In addition, I will request that reflectors or some other guides be installed to assist drivers making the turn from 15/501 South into Village Way at night. During the past year, the county complained that they had no extra funds for repairs or improvements. Hopefully with the new administration in Washington, more funding for such repairs will be sent to our local municipalities.

—Warren Ort, Health, Safety, and Security Committee