Bench and volunteersI want to thank all of the volunteers in Fearrington Village who help make my job easier. As a Board member, I took this job knowing that there would be duties and time commitments associated with the position. I am fortunate to have many in our community who help out with grounds. There are individuals who keep a lookout for any concerns and notify me. There are the Trails Committee folks, headed up by Jim Fink, who maintain our walking paths, and the Green Scene volunteers headed up by Jason Welsch, who strive to keep our canopy in good health. Even our neighbors contribute by planting pollinator-friendly and native plants. As we look towards 2021 and planning for the future of our walking paths and Beechmast Pond, I just want to thank everyone for your contributions in the past and look forward to continued support in the future.

The picture above is of the installation of a bench to replace the one near Village Way and Windstone. The bench was donated by Carol Kurtz and installed by Jason Welsch and Jim Fink.

—Jesse Fearrington (