You Can Be an Immediate Responder

A Message from Fearrington Cares

Social psychologists have identified something called the “bystander effect.” When encountering an emergency situation, people who are alone will more likely take action than if they are in a group. This idea is still somewhat controversial, but what is not controversial is that if you identify someone who needs help, try to help them. You can be an Immediate Responder when our First Responders are minutes or longer away.

Fearrington Cares normally offers CPR classes at this time of year to help people be First Responders. Clearly, this is not a good option this year! However, you can still prepare yourself beforehand in order to help someone while 911 assistance is on the way. This is the true meaning of FIRST Aid. The Red Cross has a web site that describes necessary steps in providing this aid Please review the five steps outlined. Some of the links to CPR videos don’t work (a common web issue!), but there are detailed instructions linked here: While obviously not as good as hands-on experience, this information can provide an introduction to you and a refresher if you’ve already had a CPR course. And when life finally returns to normal, watch for Fearrington Cares CPR classes!