Our FHA Board has received a number of complaints from residents regarding cars being parked on the grassy edge of roads in the village. One road where this can become especially problematical is Creekwood, near the trail entrances. In some locations, parking on the edge of the road can be a safety hazard for walkers and for other drivers. It may reduce visibility and force pedestrians to walk in the road to pass the parked vehicles. In addition, when you park on the grass, your tires can dig up the grass and cause erosion. This is an especially serious problem now, following a very wet winter.

We ask residents to be especially careful when parking along roads. Please think carefully about the suitability of locations where you want to park. Here are some questions to consider:

• State law allows vehicles to park along state-maintained roads as long as other motorists can see them from a distance of at least 200 feet. This guideline applies to parking on any road. Can your vehicle be seen by other traffic?

• The law requires vehicles to be completely off the road, but to avoid being a hazard for pedestrians, this may not be sufficient. Try to park at least 24 inches from the edge of the road. Can pedestrians get by safely?

• To preserve our natural environment and protect the vegetation that we all enjoy, please avoid muddy areas, bare dirt surfaces, or any location where tires can cause damage. Are sure you are not harming the environment?

If you are using the Creekwood trails, consider parking in the village parking areas and walking over to the trails. There is parking on Market Street, less than 200 yards from the trailhead at the corner of Creekwood and Village Way.

The nature trails are an asset we can all enjoy, and we encourage residents to use them. Please bear in mind, though, that the natural resources can be very fragile.

—Health, Safety, and Security Committee (healthsafetysecurity@fhaboard.org)