Posted April 7, 2021

The Gathering Place will be open for rental by FHA clubs and other FHA organizations, beginning Monday May 3, 2021. 

Any group wanting to rent The Gathering Place must contact Clairbeth Lehn ( or 919-542-3003) to book a date and time.  The renter must sign the FHA rental agreement and pay rental fees.  Groups may use credit from previous reservations that were unused because The Gathering Place was closed.

The group must agree to comply with the following guidelines. The guidelines will be reviewed once a month, and changes may be made based on current CDC, state, and county guidelines.

1. A maximum of eight (8) participants is allowed at one time in the small meeting room, and thirty-six (36) in the main meeting room. No more than fifty (50) people are permitted at one time in the building, including offices.

2. There will be a maximum of three rentals per day, each rental being for one or both rooms.

3. Only fully vaccinated participants will be allowed to remain in the building. Responsibility for confirming that a person is vaccinated rests with the renting organization. It is recommended that participants show a photo of their vaccination card on their cell phone for verification purposes.

4. All participants are required to wear masks while in the building.

5. All participants must remain at least 3 feet away from all other participants while in the building, or at least 6 feet if engaging in activities that involve heavy breathing such as exercise or singing.

6. To promote ventilation, the HVAC system must be operated with the circulating fan running continuously. Hospital grade air filters will have been installed in the HVAC system.

7. The kitchen will be closed. Beverages are permitted in the building, but no food.

8. Participants must complete a sign-in sheet for tracking purposes. The sheets must be left in a drop box installed by the FHA office for that purpose. If any participant is subsequently tested positive for Covid, the renting organization must inform the business office.

9. All participants must enter and leave The Gathering Place by the front door, except for participants whose mobility limitations require them to use the rear door.

10. The renting organization must provide hand sanitizer for participants.

11. No participant may attend a meeting if they exhibit any Covid symptoms such as loss of taste or smell, or having a fever.

12. The renting organization is responsible for ensuring compliance with these guidelines.