Pool Opening May 8

Plans are well underway for our pool season to begin Saturday, May 8, noon to 6 pm. We’re looking forward to enjoying our beautiful facility again with friends and family. Our spa is looking good after recent updating. And with help from the Garden Club, a large pollinator garden is in the works along the Croquet Court off of Village Way.

Go to our new website to find all the details. Expect to see changes from last year and possibly changes over the season as more COVID data are available.

We’re looking forward to welcoming new and renewing members this year. Dues are not increasing!

Former members who did not join last year or who did not suspend their membership last year can pay the suspension fee now ($25 per adult member) and avoid the reinstatement fee of $100.

To find our website go to the Swim and Croquet page under the Group Section of the FHA website: www.fearringtonfha.org. If you have questions send an email to: fearringtonswimcroquet@gmail.com.