Spotlight on Support Groups: Living with Chronic Conditions

The goal of the Chronic Conditions Support Group is to foster mutual support with others, who by virtue of their similar experiences are good listeners and have helpful resources to share. Please join us on the first and third Thursdays of the month from 1:00–2:30 pm via the Zoom button on the Fearrington Cares website to give this caring group a try. [Please note that the meeting in the third week of May will be on Tuesday instead of Thursday.] These are some reflections of current members:

“The Chronic Conditions group has been a meaningful part of my life for the last five years. It's a safe and confidential place to talk about our individual conditions, to exchange resources, compare experiences, and give and receive support. Group members understand one another in ways others can’t, and we don’t wear out friends talking about our chronic health conditions.”—Group member for five years

“This group has been there for me through a major surgery as well as offering support and new insights with health issues that have been with me for many years. I value their opinions, thoughtful ideas, and friendship.”—Group member for four years

“We recently moved to Fearrington Village and I found the Chronic Conditions Support Group. Even though my chronic conditions are in the mild range presently, I've found great support, information, aliveness, and value in my attendance at these meetings.”—New member

“I value the input from other group members who can understand living with life-altering issues. I come away better equipped to cope with not only the physical difficulties, but also the psychological effects of long-term conditions that have plagued me, some for a relatively short time and others that have been with me for years.”—Group member for five years