Posted May 10, 2021

Here we post links to a number of articles we would like to draw to your attention.  They may not be as timely or as important as those featured here on the News tab, but they may be worth your reading. Some may provide helpful background information.

May Newsletter

President Carl Angel's Message

Village Water Quality: Is it Safe to Drink? Updated May 9

Signs of Spring: The Reopening of The Gathering Place

Help Us Make Fearrington an Even Better Place to Live

Troubles in Birdland: Bird Feeder Do’s & Don’ts

Fearrington Residents & PORCH—An Amazing Partnership

The Fearrington Puzzler: Answer to April's Puzzler and new puzzler for May

Items from Earlier News Releases

Recycling Guidelines, from a presentation to Women of Fearrington by Shannon Culpepper

Associa HRW office hours

Newsletter articles introducing the FHA website

February: Concerning the FHA Website

March: Accessing the FHA Website

April: Using the FHA Website: The Directory

May: Hidden Gems on the FHA Website