Updated June 6

To date we have been fortunate to enjoy two visits from food trucks that served excellent meals for residents looking for something a little different. Umami on Wheels provided Japanese and other Asian food on May 20th, and Gussy's and Munchilove's offered Greek food and Brownies respectively on June 2.

On Wednesday June 9 we will have The Paddy Wagon serving Fish and Chips and other Irish-American food. On Monday June 21st, Bulkogi will offer Korean food. As before, the food trucks will be at The Gathering Place from 5 pm to 7:30 pmSee the poster describing all of these options.

The response to the food trucks to date has been outstanding. Umami only took pre-orders, and they received all the pre-orders they could handle.  Regretably they had to turn people away. Gussy's filled all their pre-order slots but also allowed people to walk up their window and order.  We have every hope that this opportunity will continue for the summer and beyond.

To see the menu offered by the Paddy Wagon, check their menu at the Doherty's Irish Pub website.  The Bulkogi menu can be found here.

Please remember that diners are expected to take their food home, to a neighbor's, or if you're a member, to the Swim & Croquet Club. Please DO NOT eat anywhere in the Village at the Fitch privately owned outdoor seating. Thank you in advance for your contributions to make the Food Truck Endeavor a success!

 Food Truck Poster