We are blessed to be living in a beautiful, pleasant, and generally safe community. Our safety will be improved, however, if we all observe a few common-sense practices and courtesies.

To Report Emergencies (Police, Fire, Medical)

Emergency Services Police, fire, and ambulance services can all be reached by calling 911. Response has been prompt.


Observe the 25 MPH speed limit on all Fearrington streets and the 15 MPH speed limit in the Village Center. Speeders rob us of our tranquility and pose a real safety threat. Stop signs mean a full stop, even when other vehicles are not present.


Instead of the streets, use the walkways where they are available. When walking on the streets, observe the elementary safety rule: Walk on the LEFT side, facing oncoming traffic.

House Numbers

Make sure yours is visible from the street, day and night, so an emergency vehicle can quickly spot it. Make sure a hanging plant or growing shrubbery does not cover it. Contrasting colors are best (e.g., black on white is more visible than brass on yellow or gray on gray.)

Ice and Snow Storms

The snow storm in January 2000 was described as the worst in 100 years, and the ice storm December 2002 was the worst ever. Since repeats are possible any time, some precautions are appropriate:

Fallen Trees

If a tree has fallen on a power line, DO NOT TOUCH; call 911. If it has fallen in the street, and your friends and neighbors can't handle it, call 911 to schedule a state road crew. If a tree has fallen on your property, you must arrange removal with a private contractor.

Burning Brush

Open fires are prohibited at all times.

Dead Animals

Removal of a dead animal from your property is your responsibility. For a fee, First Choice Disposal (919-542-5398) will remove deer that have not started to decompose. For removal of other animals or for other contractors, consult the Chatham County phone book under the listing, "Animal Removal Service." Dead animals on a state road right-of-way (such as most of the roads in the village) will be removed by the NC Department of Transportation. Go to, fill out the form there and submit it.

Hiring Domestic Help

When hiring someone to do services in your home:

To check for past violations: