Swim and Croquet Club

Fearrington Swim and Croquet Club Policies
Procedure for dealing with serious behavioral issues and persistent rule violations

  1. A member may be suspended, for up to three days, by a single Board member.
  2. Within those three days the suspension may be extended, upon consultation with at least one other Board
    member, until the matter can be decided (at the next scheduled board meeting) by the entire Board.
  3. The Board may withdraw or extend the suspension. In extreme cases they can terminate an individual's
  4. Attendants will still be able to direct any member or guest to leave the premises for the day or, when necessary,
    to call the police.
  5. A member, subject to a suspension or termination of membership, may request to appear before the Board to
    appeal the Board's decision.

Fearrington Swim and Croquet Club Policies

1. Members are welcome to have guests accompany them to the Club as long as those guests reside outside Fearrington Village and Galloway Ridge.

2. Non-member residents, including spouses and partners may not be admitted to the Club except as stated below.

3. Members must sign in guests at the desk. The total number of members and guests in any group may not exceed 12 persons.

4. Guests are not allowed in the Club without their member host being present.

5. For insurance purposes, no guest is permitted in the Club outside of normal attendant hours. That means that, under no circumstances, may non-members be present prior to 10:00 AM or after 8:00 PM.

6. Guests of members may attend designated pool parties and pay any non-member fee.

7. Members with single membership may take non-member spouse or partner to designated Club social events by paying any non-member guest fee.

8. Inn guests receive full membership benefits during their stay. All Club rules and policies apply.

Fearrington Swim and Croquet Club Policies

  1. The Club is for the use of members and their guests who reside outside of Fearrington Village and
    Galloway Ridge.
  2. A member (or a multi-member household) may entertain no more than a total of 12 people at one time (the total number of members and guests in any group cannot exceed 12 people).
  3. Members, dependants and guests must obey club rules and honor the direction of attendants. Failure to do so may result in suspension or termination of club privileges or membership.
  4. Memberships may not be sold, bartered or transferred.
  5. Members should scan their membership card on each visit. In those rare instances when they neglect to have their membership card with them they must show picture identification. There will be no exceptions to this policy.
  6. Members must accompany guests at all times and assume full responsibility for their conduct and full liability for any damage they may cause.
  7. Running on the pool deck is not permitted.
  8. Chidren 14 years and younger must be accompanied by an adult member. Children of adult members 15 years and older may attend the club without being accompanied by an adult member.
  9. Swinging, hanging onto or misusing lane dividers is prohibited.
  10. Coolers are to be adjusted only by authorized personnel.
  11. Only kickboards, Styrofoam noodles and foam (nerf type) balls provided by the club are allowed in the pool. Large inflatables (such as air mattresses and inner tubes) are not allowed.
  12. Umbrellas are to be adjusted, moved and handled only by attendants. Please ask for assistance if an adjustment is desired.
  13. Glass is not permitted on the pool deck, the upper lawn or in the cabana.
  14. Food is allowed as long as it is properly disposed of.
  15. The Club is a tobacco free environment.
  16. Cell phone usage is not permitted on the pool deck. Any calls should be made or taken on the upper lawn and outside ear shot of those on the pool deck.
  17. Sports such as volleyball, badminton, shuffleboard or horseshoes are allowed only on the upper lawn.
  18. No sports, other than croquet, are allowed on the croquet lawn.
  19. Members and guests should pick up after themselves. This includes disposing of trash/recyclables in
    the designated receptacles and returning "noodles" and kick boards to their respective containers.
  20. Members are not allowed on Club grounds prior to 6:00 AM or after 10:00 PM.

Fearrington Swim and Croquet Club Policies

  1. Persons with the following conditions should not enter the spa without prior approval from their physician: pregnant women, elderly persons, persons suffering from heart disease, diabetes, high and low blood pressure.
  2. Do not use the spa alone.
  3. Enter and exit the spa slowly, using the stairs and handrails.
  4. Do not use the spa under the influence of alcohol, tranquilizers or drugs which cause drowsiness or low blood pressure.
  5. Children under the age of 6 may not use the spa.
  6. Children 6-14 years of age must be accompanied by an adult member.
  7. When using the spa do not splash or dunk people. Spa water may be harmful to the eyes, particularly if one is wearing contact lenses.
  8. Body lotions, oils, shampoo or bubble bath are not allowed in the spa.
  9. 15 minutes is the maximum time allowed in the spa. Prolonged exposure may cause nausea, dizziness or fainting.
  10. No breakables of any kind are allowed in or near the spa.

Fearrington Swim and Croquet Club Polices

1. Early morning lap swimming is available from 6:00 AM until 10:00 AM. No attendant will be on duty during this period.

2. Lap swimming is available during exercises, space permitting. In case of an exceptionally large class requiring additional space, the number of laps may be reduced. The expectation is that lap swimmers and exercise classes will co-exist.

3. During busy time sharing of lanes is encouraged. Sharing is an option only if the individual already in the lane is willing.

4. When demand is high, please note your start time and limit your lap use to no more than 30 minutes.

5. If lap swim lanes are all occupied, you may indicate you are on deck by picking up a lap swim indicator from the front desk. There will be three pair of indicators; two blue, two yellow and two red.

6. Place one of the indicators at the shallow end of the lap swim lanes and retain the other to indicate your place in line.

7. Markers should be placed in a vertical row, so the marker nearest the pool is the next in line.

8. The marker pertains to the next available lane and not to any specific lane. So, when one puts down a marker, they are not claiming the first, second or third lane but the next available lane When a lane opens gather your markers and return them to the desk before you enter the pool.

9. This will allow the next person to put down a marker.

10. If a member exhibits poor behavior and jumps in the lane before you can enter it that individual will be asked to give up the lane.

11. No guests are allowed during the early morning swim or before attendants are present. Participants are urged to not swim alone.

Fearrington Swim and Croquet Club Policies

  1. Mallets and balls for use of members and their guests are stored in the equipment box near the entrance to the court. Please replace equipment after use.
  2. Instructions for golf croquet, the most popular version of croquet in Fearrington, are provided on a laminated sheet kept in the equipment box.
  3. If another group is playing on the court when you wish to play, you might be asked to join them. Alternatively, the court can accommodate two groups at a time if the second group begins play a few wickets behind the pace of the first group.
  4. The grass on the court is mowed a few mornings a week. Mowing requires the wickets to be removed and then replaced.
  5. The wickets are occasionally moved to avoid creating bare patches. There is a padded hammer in the equipment shed that can be used to pound in the wickets. In pounding the wickets, please strike the wicket directly above each vertical post. Striking the wickets in the middle causes them to bow,
  6. Children 14 years and younger are only allowed on the croquet court under the direct supervision of an adult member.
  7. The croquet court is for croquet playing exclusively.

croquet2017After 2 years, the trophy for the Annual Closing Party Croquet Tournament is changing hands. Nina Shor and Bob Roth won a spirited match with Arlene and Joe Labenson, which was tied 5-5 going into the final two wickets, before prevailing 7-5. Nina and Bob advanced to the final round by managing to overcome Judy Morris and Ray Morehead.
Arlene and Joe capped a long series of matches, moving past Beryl and Lee Sherman, and then John Shearer and Howard Fifer to reach the final.

The defending champions – Mimi and Joe Woehrel – were playing elsewhere during the closing party. Nina will keep the trophy until the Closing Party next Fall.
Players and spectators enjoyed the afternoon’s competition. Howard Fifer summed up the day best – “I had so much fun I thought I won!”Players and spectators enjoyed the afternoon’s competition. Howard Fifer summed up the day best – “I had so much fun I thought I won!”

  1. No lifeguards are on duty. All persons using the pools and spa do so at their own risk.
  2. Everyone must shower before entering the pools or spa.
  3. Persons with open wounds of any sort- skin, eye, ear, nasal or communicable disease or diarrhea are not allowed in the pools or spa.
  4. The pools and spa must be vacated at the first sound of thunder. Individuals may return to the water with the permission of the attendant but no sooner than 30 after the last audible thunder or 45 minutes after lightening. Members are expected to follow this rule even when attendants are not present.
  5. Diving is not allowed. Running and pushing on the pool deck is strictly forbidden. Jumping isallowed but caution not to interfere with the enjoyment of others is expected.
  6. Glass of any sort is prohibited from the pool deck, upper lawn and cabana. If an attendant observes glass the individual will be asked to leave the club. They may reenter without glass.
  7. Children under the age of 15 must be accompanied and actively supervised by an adult member who will be responsible for their safety and behavior.
  8. Non- toilet trained children may use the kid's and main pool if they are wearing swim diapers. Parents must check hourly and replace as needed.
  9. Pets (including emotional support animals) are not allowed in the Club.

See, Bridge players can have fun

 IMG 0928 copy                 IMG 0927


The Fearrington Duplicate Bridge Club is an ACBL sanctioned game. We meet at 1:00 pm in the Gathering Place the 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th Wednesdays each month.  (A game is also held on the 3rd Wednesday during the summer.)  There is a brief lesson the 1st Wednesday at 12:30.  Players of all levels are welcome to join us.  

Cost is $7.00 for each game. FIRST TIME?  FREE!!

If you need a partner, contact Meyer Liberman at 919-417-0674 or mliberman@nc.rr.com. For more information, contact Jean Hjelle at (919) 548-6216 or jeanshjelle@gmail.com

 IMG 0408 62581703

COVID Guidelines for Swim & Croquet

Only 41 people can be in the actual swimming pool at one time.

  • Guests are permitted.





  • Only one family member group at a time will be permitted in the attendant’s area.
  • Markers will indicate where to stand when waiting at the entrance.
  • Masks must be worn when entering and exiting.  Masks are not mandated when on pool deck and certainly not when in the water. When moving about please wear a mask. Parents will determine if their child wears a mask. No pre-school age child should wear a mask.
  • A plexiglass shield will be installed in front of the attendant area.
  • With an off hours door key card members can use the facility before opening and until dusk.

Social Distancing

  • The chairs, tables, and lounge chairs will be spaced 6 feet apart. 
  • Tables will have 2 chairs each.
  • Furniture placement will be clearly marked and some furniture will be removed.
  • If any furniture is moved to accommodate a family group, please wipe it down when finished and return it to the marked location.
  • When walking around the pool deck please wear a mask.
  • One swimmer per lap lane unless shared with a family member. 


  • Chlorine levels in the pool have been increased but are still at safe levels.    
  • ‘HIgh touch surfaces’ will be sprayed (FDA approved disinfectant) prior to pool opening, every 4 hours pool is open, and at closing.
  • The entire facility will be ‘cleared’ each day from 4:00 to 4:30. Everyone will be required to leave at that time as spraying will include bathrooms, croquet court, upper lawn, pool deck area - everything.
  • Bathrooms will be cleaned more frequently per CDC guidelines.
  • Hand sanitizers will be available.
  • Multiple signs about restrictions will be posted throughout.
  • Staff will be screened for symptoms prior to each shift.


No toys allowed.  You may bring your own noodle and kick board, but never share them, and take them home when you leave. 

  • The lost and found box has been removed.
  • There will be no shuffleboard, tetherball, volley ball, or ping pong.  Croquet rules will be sent in a separate email.
  • We will have classes at the pool this year, just not at this time.    

What you can do to help:

  • Adhere to 6 foot social distancing guidelines.
  • Wear a mask when checking in and out.
  • Do not share tables with non family members.
  • Bring your own disinfectant wipes and sanitizers.
  • If any furniture is moved to accommodate a family group, please wipe it down when finished and return it to the marked location.
  • Consider showering before coming to the pool.
  • Please take direction from attendants.

Board members thank you for your cooperation.  There may be differences of opinion about some of these restrictions.  Please bear with us as we open and share any concerns you may have.  We’ll listen, consider your input, and check with the appropriate individuals to see if a modification is in order.

Looking forward to seeing you at the pool!

A lot of this may change once again as we approach the end of phase 2 in about a month. So be prepared that loosening of these restrictions could happen quickly as we get into the summer.





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Attendant phone:  919-542-7337
   Mailing address:  295 Fearrington Post, Pittsboro, NC27312