A Shout Out to Our Medicare Part D Volunteers!

A Message from Fearrington Cares

A big “Thank You” to John Sullivan and Judy Fitzgerald who this year volunteered over 84 hours to assist residents with their Medicare Part D selections. While we know not everyone reviews their drug program during open enrollment, we celebrate the thousands of dollars this important annual review saves every year for residents who participate. Together, Judy and John provided 68 plan reviews, and collectively, those Villagers will save over $36,000 on Medicare Part D plans in 2021! If you have Plan D coverage, it’s hard to think of a good reason not to review it every year when open enrollment comes around.

Medical Equipment Loans (and More!)

A Service of Fearrington Cares

Fearrington Cares has medical equipment on loan for short-term use. You may need equipment temporarily following surgery or during rehabilitation. You may also just want to "try out" a walker or cane to see if is helpful before making a purchase. You may need a wheelchair when someone is visiting for a week or weekend or to take a friend out to dinner, to a museum, or to a ballgame. (Eventually, we will be doing all those things again!) We have the following to loan:

 Commodes
 Crutches/canes
 Shower benches
 Walkers
 Wheelchairs

We also have a short list of equipment that residents have in their homes and are willing to lend to fellow residents. This includes equipment for young ones such as booster seats, Pack ‘n Plays, toys, and the like that can be lent on a short- term basis.

On October 27, we sent an email (containing inks to the November Newsletter) to all addresses in the FHA directory, 1,810 in total. 60 of these were rejected. A few had invalid email addresses because their owners had changed their addresses. But most were rejected because the receiving email host believed the emails to be spam. The email hosting companies included AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook and a few others.

If you have not been receiving emails with links to the FHA Newsletter, you should add the following email to your Contacts List: Doing so will improve your chances of receiving email from the FHA, including the Newsletter and other important communications from FHA. Please do not report this website as a spam producer! Doing so increases the frequency of undeliverable email to all who need and value the information sent by the FHA in these unsettled times.

The full text of yesterday's emailed FHA Newsletter is reproduced below, in case you were one of the 60 who did not receive it in your email.


This email contains links to the November issue of the newsletter. 

You can access the newsletter on a web page, which is generally easier...

And We Need Equipment!

A Message from Fearrington Cares

Our equipment stash exists due to the generosity of Fearringtonians. If you have something that is no longer needed but might be of assistance to others, please donate it to Fearrington Cares. Also, if you have equipment that you are willing to lend on a temporary basis, please notify us (919-542-6877) and we will add your listing. People are always searching for things like blow-up mattresses and necessities for young visitors (we’re not old but honestly most of us will not fit into a Pack ‘n Play). As always, we’re just neighbors helping neighbors!

Join Support Groups via Zoom

Sponsored by Fearrington Cares

Caregiver's Support Group:
Wednesday, January 6 and 20, 12:30–2:00 pm

Parkinson's Support Group:
Wednesday, January 13, 3:30–4:30 pm. (New
members can contact Jan Cope-Kasten
( or Karen Metzguer
( for information.)

Living with Chronic Conditions:
Thursday, January 7 and 21, 1:00 pm

Join Movement Classes via Zoom

Sponsored by Fearrington Cares

All classes 11:30 am

Mondays—Chair Yoga (No class January 18.)

Wednesdays—Otago Fall-Prevention Exercises

Zoom Movement Classes, Support Groups, and Education Program Links Are on Our Website

Occasionally Zoom program IDs and passwords will change; if you have saved a link it may eventually become inactive. Use the links on our website for a quick, current connection to all Zoom programs. If you would like to practice a Zoom connection and meeting, email and we will set that up.

Happy 2021! Even with Covid-19 still a part of our lives, the New Year offers many opportunities to get involved with one of the many non-governmental organizations or official Chatham County programs in need of volunteers. Fearrington Village is a charity-friendly community so if you’ve been thinking of getting involved but don’t know where to start, try looking at the Chatham Connecting website, There you’ll find lots of information about the missions of over 100 non-profit organizations and official Chatham County programs. There is something for everyone no matter your interest. Your financial, time, or material donation lets your neighbors in need know that they are not forgotten during this especially difficult winter. Chatham Connecting is a volunteer-run organization that puts those in need together with those who can help. Please be part of the effort, as it’s a great way to start the New Year.

Covid-19 Information

A Service of Fearrington Cares

Fearrington Cares maintains a website with county, state, and national information about the pandemic and the virus:

Your Fearrington Republican Club is still here and alive. Hope everyone had a great Christmas and Happy New Year. With all the changing edicts from NC government officials we do not know when we will be able to have a meeting at the Gathering Place. 2021 is a non-election year and we would meet the 4th Wednesday which is January 27, 2021. We will keep you informed by email if and when we will be allowed to have a meeting. Our email is and Fearrington Republican club also has a web page on the FHA website.

Bob Maars on Guitars and Rock and Roll

Thursday, January 21, 4 pm

Join us on Zoom as Fearrington Village Singer’s own Bob Maarschalkerweerd talks about his guitar collection and professional connection with rock and roll. Back by request after appearing on the Dec 3rd FVS Holiday Variety Show, Bob demonstrates his guitars’ sounds and tones and talks about his years on the stage as an instrumentalist and singer in Gilbert and Sullivan and on Broadway. Find the Zoom link at

The Fearrington Democratic Club is happy to resume monthly programs (via Zoom) in January. Our timely topic on January 26th at 7 pm is "The Road Ahead: More Gerrymandering or Redistricting Reform?” Our speaker is Dr. Jennifer Bremer, a policy analyst, researcher, and economist with over 35 years’ experience in the United States and more than 30 other countries. In 2018, she led a study team examining alternative approaches to redistricting reform under consideration in states that, like North Carolina, do not have citizen-initiated referendum, which led to the formulation of five principles for reasonable redistricting reform as a sound basis for redistricting reform in North Carolina. She currently focuses on public governance reform in North Carolina, where she serves as a member of the board of the League of Women Voters of North Carolina and leads the League’s Statewide Redistricting Reform Team.

Click here to register and get the...

A yearlong educational community on the Duke campus as well as other venues—including Galloway Ridge—is now on Zoom. Courses cover history, literature, natural or social sciences, art, music, drama, and current events. Winter registration: January 26-27. Term starts February 15. For class descriptions and registration, go to For questions, call Warren Ort, 919-533-6597.

Ever wonder what happens to your recycling? Shannon Culpepper, County Recycling Education Specialist, will speak at our January Webinar, rescheduled to January 27 to avoid conflict with Inauguration Day. Register here for the link.

The WoF Holiday Bakery & Market generated an amazing $5,427 for our grant program, which targets the needs of women and children in Chatham County. Fifty-one volunteers and ninety-three customers made this the most successful Holiday Market ever! Many thanks to everyone.

We’re also sending out a huge “thank you” to all who ordered a toy on Amazon or dropped one off for delivery to the Chatham County Department of Social Services. They were overwhelmed by the response! Many Chatham children in need will have a wonderful holiday this year. Your generosity is deeply appreciated.

Introduction to Breath Meditation

A Fearrington Cares Education Program

Thursday, January 28, 1:30 pm via Zoom

This program will introduce SKY (Sudarshan Kriya Yoga) Breath Meditation, a set of breathing techniques that can help foster serenity. Every emotion has a specific breathing pattern, so learning to focus on and control the breath can help us manage our mind and emotions. The rhythmic breathing patterns of SKY Breath Meditation can lead the practitioner toward a state of deep meditative relaxation, reducing anxiety, anger, insomnia, and depression.

Lee Farrow, based in Mountain View, CA, and the daughter of a Fearrington resident, will lead the program. She will offer demonstration and coaching as well as findings from scientific research related to the technique’s effectiveness. Lee became a certified instructor for The Art of Living Foundation in 1997. She currently supports caregivers, military families, and her local community by teaching meditation and SKY Breathing...