Please note that the Chatham County GOP will hold its REPUBLICAN PARTY CONVENTION on March 20. To be a voting participant, you must be a registered Republican no later than January 31, 2021.

At this time, the convention will probably be virtual. This is an opportunity to participate in electing our party leaders and approving a Chatham County Republican Platform. It is an important time. Your inputs are needed. Please stay tuned for more details as we approach the date.

We all wait for our vaccine to allow us to return to a normal program. When safe, the Fearrington Republican Club looks forward to you joining us at our monthly meetings.

On April 20, from 11:00 am to 12:15 pm, Chatham Literacy presents Duke Professor and folklorist Tom Rankin and noted novelist Jill McCorkle to highlight their acclaimed book, Goat Light (vivid photography and stories about their Piedmont farm).

Registration starts Feb. 15. Tickets $100/person (includes prize opportunities); available at https:\\ or 919-742-0578.

Open Part-Time Position at Fearrington Cares

Are you qualified and available to join a small, dynamic, mission-driven team and to work 20 hours/week? Fearrington Cares is hiring an Administrative Coordinator responsible for a portfolio that includes bookkeeping, database management, and communication functions for Fearrington Cares. The Administrative Coordinator maintains all financial records and documentation required for grants, ensures that revenues and expenditures are properly recorded and documented in a manner consistent with adopted fiscal policies, and supports the Board Treasurer. Additionally, the Administrative Coordinator coordinates Fearrington Cares communication and helps manage the facility. Download the complete job description from

Our virtual Annual Membership Meeting was held on Zoom January 31, 2021. Watch for information about our meeting in next month’s newsletter.

In the meantime, pick a pretty day to get out on our croquet court for some fun. Ladies Croquet continues on Thursdays at 10 am.

Remember to save your cards. Cards are activated for the season when you rejoin.

Covid-19 and Vaccine Information

A Message from Fearrington Cares

Fearrington Cares maintains a web site with county, state, and national information about the pandemic and the virus: Vaccine information is changing frequently, so check the links on the website for the most current information.

Details on the COVID-19 vaccine rollout in Chatham County are online at To be notified when it is your turn to receive a vaccination, click on the “COVID-19 V.I.T.” tool in the center of the page. After filling out the survey, you can choose to be placed on an email list to receive these notifications.

Are you interested in joining Women of Fearrington, or have a new neighbor or other friend in Fearrington or Galloway Ridge who would be? The next Welcome Coffee via Zoom is on Monday evening, March 1. Contact Jo Anne Rosenfeld or Barbara Fearrington for information.

The deadline for contributions to our 2021 Wonderful Options Fund is fast approaching. We hope that you will be able to donate soon if you have not done so already. WoF continues to use 100% of your contributions to fund this grant program. We appreciate your donations whether large or small. Please click here for a donation form and a list of our grantees for 2020.

Like to Socialize? Become a Fearrington Cares Ambassador!

A Message from Fearrington Cares

Have you already broken some of your New Year’s resolutions? Here’s one well worth making and keeping: Resolve to help your neighbors by becoming a Fearrington Cares Ambassador; no diplomatic experience necessary.

Launched as a pilot project in 2016, the Fearrington Cares Ambassadors Program trained a group of volunteer residents to represent Fearrington Cares. When opportunities arose, the Ambassadors explained the various services and educational, health-related, and social programs offered by Fearrington Cares or referred Villagers with questions to the staff. The need for this program is even greater now because it can help Villagers cope with the various limitations on their lives imposed by the pandemic.

One of the many goals of the Fearrington Cares Board is to revitalize and expand the Ambassadors Program in 2021. To find out more about this program or to explore...

You Can Be an Immediate Responder

A Message from Fearrington Cares

Social psychologists have identified something called the “bystander effect.” When encountering an emergency situation, people who are alone will more likely take action than if they are in a group. This idea is still somewhat controversial, but what is not controversial is that if you identify someone who needs help, try to help them. You can be an Immediate Responder when our First Responders are minutes or longer away.

Fearrington Cares normally offers CPR classes at this time of year to help people be First Responders. Clearly, this is not a good option this year! However, you can still prepare yourself beforehand in order to help someone while 911 assistance is on the way. This is the true meaning of FIRST Aid. The Red Cross has a web site that describes necessary steps in providing this aid Please...

Protect Yourself with Smoke and CO Detectors

A Message from Fearrington Cares

Installing and properly maintaining smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) detectors in your home can save your life. CO detectors are needed even in all-electric homes because CO can seep into the house from an attached garage or a backup generator that is used during a power outage.

Everyone knows that the backup batteries in smoke and CO detectors need to be replaced at least annually. However, many homeowners are not aware that both types of detectors have a limited lifetime. Smoke alarms should be replaced every 10 years; even if the test button on the alarm sounds when pressed, the sensors inside may no longer be able to detect smoke. CO detectors have an even shorter lifespan: they should be replaced every five years.

For more information on smoke detectors and CO detectors, consult the Consumer Reports buying...

The United Way of Chatham County concluded its annual campaign at the end of December, and we are pleased to announce that Fearrington raised $132,453 in donations, exceeding its goal of $128,000! Residential campaigns like Fearrington’s provide close to 80% of monies raised by the county’s campaign. These funds support numerous well-designed programs to help families, children and seniors improve their education, health and financial stability.

We are proud that Fearrington residents are exceptionally generous supporters of the United Way and extend our sincerest “thank you” to the many Fearringtonians who contributed to the annual campaign and to the United Way COVID-19 Relief Fund last spring. Our appreciation is also extended to those who volunteer their time and talent to United Way and other Chatham organizations, with special gratitude to our 2020 United Way neighborhood captains.

—Jack Zollinger, Galloway Ridge; Ruth Murphy and Ellen Shanahan, Fearrington Village

Zoom Movement Classes, Support Groups, and Education Programs Links Are on Our Website

Occasionally Zoom program IDs and passwords will change; if you have saved a link it may eventually become inactive. Use the links on our website for a quick, current connection to all Zoom programs. If you would like to practice a Zoom connection and meeting, email and we will set that up.

Join Movement Classes via Zoom

Sponsored by Fearrington Cares

All classes 11:30 am

Mondays—Chair Yoga

Wednesdays—Otago Fall-Prevention Exercises

Get involvedWelcome all volunteers!

I hope you all have been safely getting through this January. We are making progress on getting the Hospitality Center staffed, and we hope to be open partially by the beginning of March. If you are interested in helping there, meeting and making new friends, contact me. We still have a few spots open! If you call the number in the directory under Director, Community Affairs, you will reach my secretary (my wife) and she will pass on any messages to me. 😉

We are already planning a shredding event at The Gathering Place this spring to help clear your house of documents needing to be safely disposed of. If you want some good outdoor exercise helping, contact me.

Several great suggestions on future events have been received, and feasibility studies are ongoing. Please contact us if you have an idea that you would like to see...

If the coronavirus doldrums have set in and you find yourself going stir-crazy, we have just the thing to disrupt boredom and offer a world of good to your local community. Check out the easy-to-use Chatham Connecting website, which lists more than 100 nonprofits in need of both volunteers and donations of all sorts. Filter by activity or interest. For example, help kids who are challenged with virtual learning through groups like Communities in Schools, the Chatham Education Foundation, and Kidscope. Volunteer with animal welfare agencies or even work on social media. There are opportunities for youth to get involved too. And of course, monetary donations are especially welcome, given that many organizations have had to cancel fundraising events due to Covid-related concerns. Whatever your interests, you’re sure to find a good fit—and whatever you can give will be greatly appreciated.

Bench and volunteersI want to thank all of the volunteers in Fearrington Village who help make my job easier. As a Board member, I took this job knowing that there would be duties and time commitments associated with the position. I am fortunate to have many in our community who help out with grounds. There are individuals who keep a lookout for any concerns and notify me. There are the Trails Committee folks, headed up by Jim Fink, who maintain our walking paths, and the Green Scene volunteers headed up by Jason Welsch, who strive to keep our canopy in good health. Even our neighbors contribute by planting pollinator-friendly and native plants. As we look towards 2021 and planning for the future of our walking paths and Beechmast Pond, I just want to thank everyone for your contributions in the past and look forward to continued support in the future.

The picture...