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FGC (Fearrington Golf Club) is a great way for Fearrington golfers to play a variety of courses within a 60 mile radius, with golfers you enjoy playing with and get to know as friends.  Our scheduling function available to members through our website makes it easy to setup outings, signup, and assign drivers and groups.  In the 12 months through November, 2019, members played about 940 rounds organized by FGC on about 25 different area courses.  In 2020, we would like to increase our number of members and rounds played, with a committment to safety, pace of play, and enjoyment of our golfing.  Please join us as a guest or as a new member.


Michael Manning, 2019-2020 President 



Save These Dates

FGC quarterly meetings at the Gathering Place for 2020 beginning at 7 pm are: March 4, June 3, September 2, and December 2.


Changes to Tab Names, above.

"Policies" is a separate tab. "Rules" of FGC play now combines tabs for the “A” and “AAA” league. Soon to be added are the new bylaws under "Bylaws." GHIN news is found under “Club and Membership Information.”  This includes details about GHIN membership, required for playing in tournaments sponsored by the Carolina Golf Association. See the next item about their current tournaments. 


FGC Members may join the Carolinas Golf Association - GHIN Membership

Any member of the FGC who maintains a GHIN handicap is eligible to join Carolinas Golf Association and to play in its tournaments.   The CGA membership fee is currently $21 per year.  See the 2020 schedule at https://www.carolinasgolf.org/One-Day-Tournaments


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