Weights and Measures Community Recycling May 20 2017Many thanks to many residents and volunteers who participated in the 2017 Annual Spring 4-in-1 Community Recycling Event, which was held in the parking lot of The Gathering Place between 9:00am and Noon on Saturday, May 20, 2017. 

As you can see from the weights and measures table on the right, thanks to the work and participation of so many residents, this was an extraordinarily successful annual spring recycling event in which 9,907 pounds (5 tons) of material was recycled. 

This year, 342 vehicles participated in this event, and 5 tons of recycled weight in just 3 hours is a LOT

This amount included 3.72 tons of shredded paper, which according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency had the additional estimated associated (embedded) effects of saving:

12 cubic yards of landfill space

1,339 gallons of water

223 pounds of air pollutants

38,688 kilowatts of electricity

614 gallons of gasoline

63 trees

Coordinated by Lindsay Strobl (FHA) and...

NewStopSignTopSouthLangdonFHA Health, Safety & Security Notice

NCDOT has installed a stop sign at the top of South Langdon. Bradford Place and South Langdon are both state secondary roads, and Henderson Place will also be sometime in the near future.

This is an official state traffic sign, which has been installed there following a review of traffic conditions by NCDOT's Traffic and Road Engineers to improve the safety of vehicular traffic at what is now an operational 3-way intersection.

Since this is new traffic pattern, we are advised to publicly announce the change. Prior to the increase in vehicle activity into and out of Henderson Place, drivers have been passing through that then-uncompleted intersection without any required stop.

Now that traffic activity is increasing at that location, both new signage and new driver behavior are necessary. Please be advised of the need to adjust the way you may have been driving...

During this year, we have held meetings with NC Department of Transportation maintenance and traffic engineers, completed an eleven-page report on road and road safety issues in the village, presented the results at an open FHA board meeting in March, and posted the report on the FHA web site [FHA Notices/HSS/Roads Safety tab]. We also supported Camden Park, Inc.’s planning for their newly deployed speed monitor, have planned for first-time speed monitor positions on Creekwood (coming soon), and are working on a community report for later this year on traffic volume and speeds in the village.

Responses to village emergencies are provided by Chatham County Emergency Management, the North Chatham County Fire Department, First Health Ambulance Service, the County Sheriff’s Department, and other professional responders. We are now working in cooperation with Chatham County Emergency Management to revise our own village emergency preparedness response plan following the end of our...

FHA Health, Safety, & Security Message:: Beginning July 1, 2015, Chatham County will be adding Weather Notifications to their CodeRED alert system. Residents will have to sign up for both notifications separately and can decide to receive only one or both of the notifications. 

If you are not currently signed up for emergency alerts from the county, please sign up, or check that you are registered, by clicking on this link:

Note that you may also receive a phone call coming from 866-419-5000 displaying the caller ID as being: EMERGENCY COMM [short for "Emergency Communication"]. This is a legitimate call from Chatham County's CodeRed system, also used in many other town & cities to notify people of an emergency such as Amber Alert, school emergency etc. 

The current automated calling is to notify subscribers of the new option on Chatham County-based CodeRed service, which will now include a range of emergency weather alerts,

Health, Safety, & Security: The "File of Life" program is endorsed by Hospitals, EMTs, Municipal, Medical, Senior Citizen Organizations, Police, Sheriff's, and Fire Departments. The program is used in over 4,500 communities and in over 14 million homes. We have them for free, at the FHA Office.

The red plastic “File of Life” magnet sleeve comes with one blank form, made to hold basic vital medical information. More blank forms are available, as explained below. You should complete one paper form for each person in the household, place the completed form(s) in the red sleeve, and place it on a visible area of your kitchen refrigerator. If a magnet won't work on some visible area of your refrigerator, you may need to tape the sleeve in place.

Chatham County police, fire and ambulance personnel are trained to look for the red sleeve when they arrive, especially if you are unconsciousness.

A Community Watch Advisory: Fearrington property owners can expect to see property appraisers from the Tax Office and Pearson Appraisal visiting their properties over the next 12 to 18 months. The appraisers are visiting properties as a first step in the revaluation process, according to Tax Administrator Frances Wilson. 

While revaluation will not take effect until Jan. 1, 2017, reappraisal is a lengthy key first phase, and the county wants people to know that appraisers are out in the field. They often will just drive by and take photographs, but sometimes they will need to go on the property to inspect or measure. The role of appraisers is to review properties to assist in determining their fair market value, so it is important for them to document the current state of properties. They will not need to have, and won't ask for, any inside access to anyone’s home.

It's important...

If you would like to have a copy of the slides used at the March 18, 2015 FHA Open Board Meeting Program, which was focused on Selective Safety Matters: 15/501 Signal Light & Village Roads and The Residential KNOX-BOX®CLICK HERE. If you wish to read the committee's entire unabridged (eleven page) Roads and Road Safety Issues in Fearrington Village Report, CLICK HERE. 

Questions addressed include: How often have you wondered about the operation of the traffic signal at the intersections of 15/501, Village Way, and Morris Road. For example, why do we almost always see the flashing yellow left turn arrow? Why have we never seen, or have only rarely seen, a solid green left turn arrow, and what determines when we do see it anyway? How safe is that traffic signal; how many accidents have occurred there? What risks and safety provisions do we need to recognize are involved in...

As stated in the FHA Articles of Incorporation, one of the important purposes of the FHA is to "provide for the health, safety and welfare" of the residents of Fearrington Village. As part of this important mission, and to be in compliance with the Articles, the FHA works hard to sustain a comprehensive resident-based Health, Safety, and Security Committee (HSS) to advise the Board of Directors on policies, programs, and services that will help to keep village residents healthy and safe.

In addition to its communication with Fearrington residents, the HSS Committee maintains collaborative relationships with Fearrington Cares, the Swim & Croquet Board, Fitch Creations, the Chatham County Emergency Management Division and 911, Emergency Medical Services (EMS/FirstHealth), the North Chatham Fire Department, the Chatham County Sheriff's Department, and the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT). The committee maintains several web pages on the FHA web site, including menu tabs for...

Don't be alarmed if you see someone stalking your road. It's the time for the annual survey to list road damage, such as potholes and extensively cracked areas. The findings will be documented, prioritized and then discussed with the NCDOT. Due to budget constraints only a few of the worst damages were repaired last year. We will endeavor to get a few more repaired this year.

Jenny's Park (aka "Camden Park") has a fine collection of both rare and common trees. This winter identification tags were placed on some of the trees so you can become more familiar with the variety of trees, their leaf, growth pattern and, for some, their show of blossoms or color. Fearrington resident Frank McKeever (retired forester and arborist) identified significant trees at spots easy for you to see from the path. Fitch arborist Ryan Cadwalader added to the list and Greg Fitch selected botanical tags with expansion springs that allow for growth. Take a walk in the Park and become familiar with the fine selection of trees that make a visit to the Park special in any season.