With regret and sadness we note the passing of Marv Tauriainen.  In addition to occupying positions in Fearrington Village, Marv was also a member of the Fearrington Village Adopt-A-Highway group. Both Marv and his wife Zana were regular volunteers of our group and were committed to maintaining the beauty of our village. He will be missed. We all express our sincerest condolences to Zana and the family.

The family has provided the following information:
Memorial Service for Marvin E. Tauriainen
1:00 pm  Saturday June 25, 2011
Christ United Methodist Church   800 Market Street
Chapel Hill, NC 27516

Fearrington Village's contract with NCDOT requires we pick up the area QUARTERLY; however, in the past our group tried that and we could not keep up with the trashing. Thanks to our wonderful volunteers, we then moved to every other month. We tried that for awhile, and it also did not work well, so we then went to collecting every month.

Thanks to our usual wonderful volunteers and several occasional volunteers who joined us from time to time, we were able to schedule monthly pick-ups this year in January through April as well as to conduct two extra pick-ups. With such solid support, we were able to conduct six (6) pick-ups in four (4) months!

Since beginning to schedule pick-ups for each month throughout the year, we have missed only one month, which was May, 2011. If you look right now at Highway 15/501 for two miles in front of Fearrington Village in either direction, you can see the effect of missing just a single month. In this otherwise pretty month of June, trash is busting out all over the place.

Now, we face a special challenge in making up for lost time after canceling the May pick-up. We hope you will join us on June 25th, and that you will also encourage other Fearrington Village Residents to come out and work with us. Please literally lend your hands (on an easy-to-use mechanical picker, which we will provide along with an official NC Highway Department safety vest and gloves). You will feel good helping to restore much of the pristine beauty of the two mile stretch of 15/501 running on both sides of the highway between Jack Bennett Road and Mt. Gilead Church Road. Working together, we can safely get this trash picked up rather quickly. Thank you for considering this special request for support!