On Friday morning, March 25, six volunteers of the Adopt-A-Highway Fearrington Village picked up 10 bags of trash in two hours. Joining us for the first time were Bob and Sandy Simmons who live in the Village. Sandy said she just started picking up at the intersection when someone in a car yelled out to her "I really appreciate what you are doing." We welcome Bob and Sandy and hope they can join us again.

The most encouraging to report is that only 10 bags of litter were picked up compared to 22 bags the end of the month of February. We are hoping this is the result of people changing their habits, or maybe they are hesitating to throw out litter where they see us working so often to keep it clean.

Picked Up March 23 .... 10 bags .... 27 days passed
Picked Up February 26 .... 22 bags .... 28 days passed

What a beautiful morning it was to be outside on Saturday, February 26, when twelve volunteers gathered to pick-up our Fearrington Village Adopt-A-Highway area. Twenty-Two bags of litter were collected in two hours. We seem to be doing well at staying with our last Saturday of every month date for picking-up litter.

CleanUp02262011MEDAlthough mostly veterans were picking up, we had two newcomers join us. We thank Beverly Scalice and Mary Heaton for joining the group for this pick-up and hope they will consider joining us anytime they can make it. Charles Waldren started earlier than the rest of the group and Colette File and Ann Holloman picked up outside our area to the north.

DOT will be conducting their spring "Litter Sweep" from April 16 thru April 30. Information on the "Litter Sweep" can be found on the North Carolina DOT ADOPT-A-HIGHWAY PROGRAM website. These litter sweeps are held twice a year at a time when DOT attempts to get all citizens interested in picking up all roadsides. Fearrington Village volunteers far exceed these expectations by picking up monthly. It is so nice to see the roadsides as litter free as possible for spring and the warmer days to come.

Speaking of warmer days, we always pick-up an hour earlier when the temperatures start to rise, so that we can finish the pick-up before the heat is intolerable. We will be moving to the new 7:30am starting time on the last Saturday in May (the 28th).