These are certainly times that fry men's souls. Despite the continuing expected high temperatures for Saturday, July 30th, we are still on for this regularly scheduled Adopt-A-Highway pick-up. We're nothing if not dedicated :-).

We will meet at 7:30am, however, the highway safety signs we put up each time will be up at 6:30am, if anyone goes out early. If anyone wants bags early, call Bev and Ray 919-542-5171. Bev and Ray are going out at 6:30am, and Ray will return to the Gathering Place at 7:30am to meet with those who plan to arrive at the regularly scheduled time.

A SECOND APPEAL FOR MORE VOLUNTEERS: To do this work right, we need to have a corps of at least 12 people. We call on all of you to contact your friends and neighbors to join us in making our area a model for others to emulate. The state does not do this pick-up work, and if we do not, it would just continue to pile up.

We have a small band or regulars; however, when for various reasons some of us cannot make it to a monthly pick-up, we need to be able to call upon others who could fill in for them. To volunteer, you do not have to commit to work each month. Any time you could help out would be deeply appreciated, even if only several months during the year.

Even if you cannot make it during the high heat season, please get in touch with us to indicate that you could assist in cooler times.

All necessary supplies, including a safety vest, a picker, gloves, and bags are provided. Yes, we realize that the high heat season is a bad time to recruit volunteers; however, the need is on-going and it cuts across all seasons.

Thanks so much to the seven dedicated volunteers who spent more than two hours collecting 17 bags of litter from the front yard of Fearrington Village. We knew that, following the mowing of 15/501, we would have a monumental job ahead of us. Unfortunately, we did not cover pick up in all our area with only seven people.

AN APPEAL FOR MORE VOLUNTEERS: We call on all of you to contact your friends and neighbors to join us in making our area a model for others to emulate. We can't do it with seven people. We need more volunteers in the group, so that when some cannot make the pick-up for numerous reasons, we will still have the 12 people we need.

Thanks again for the support of the FHA. David Erisman and Debbie DiSabatino are both on the Board and joined Jon Darling, Ingeborg Jelley, Charles Waldern and the Andrews' to make this months pick-up. The FHA has purchased most of the pickers we use to maintain our area and we appreciate the help. We can always use more. Have a great 4th of July and watch out for the car that's in front of the car that's in back of you.