Intro to D & Hb

Intro to D & Hb

Welcome to Fearrington Village! Whether you are a newcomer or an established resident, we hope you will find this 2020 edition informative and useful. The Fearrington Homeowners Association (FHA) publishes the book to answer many of the questions that residents have, and perhaps to bring to your notice some important matters that could escape your attention.

Residents of Fearrington choose to live here for many reasons, but most are here because the village has many attractive qualities. Responsibility for preserving these residential qualities is vested primarily in the FHA Board of Directors. The board administers the covenants that regulate property in the village, and maintains the common property. A list of the directors and their specific responsibilities can be found in this book and on the FHA website,

Much of the administration of village affairs is handled by other agencies; the variety and complexity of these agencies can easily confuse residents. Fitch Creations Inc. is responsible for development of the village, has its own real estate office, administers operations in the village center (shops and restaurants), and owns some undeveloped property. Fitch Creations, Inc. publishes its own website,

Governance of developed areas is shared by the FHA and ten separate “Service Groups”, each of which is responsible for a particular section of the village. Each Service Group has its own bye-laws, covenants, and responsibilities. Directors for each Service Group are listed in this book and online. A Service Group may have its own web site. Phases I-IV, The Woods, and Burke Place are not part of a Service Group.

Several other groups have a presence within the community. These groups reflect the range of interests that village residents enjoy; they range from the Adopt a Highway group to Women of Fearrington. Each group may have its own set of guidelines. Information about each interest group is available online and in this Directory and Handbook.

Finally, you may have contact with management companies that handle business operations for the FHA and other groups. For FHA, Towne Properties provides the accounting and technical operations that are required for smooth operations within the village. The management companies for each Service Group are listed online and in this book.

More detailed information can be found on the FHA website, especially at the page devoted to the history of the village, History of FV and Structure.pdf.

Most of the content in this Directory and Handbook was produced from information provided on the FHA website, This means that the information you see in this book is up to date at the time the document is sent to the printer. Of course, the information will change throughout the year. You can find the most current information by browsing the website.

If you know of updates that ought to be made, please email them to one of the addresses below. The changes will appear immediately on the website, and will be incorporated into next year’s Directory and Handbook.

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