Keyboard Shortcuts for the Joomla Editor

Keyboard Shortcuts for the Joomla Editor

Some browsers will not support the text Copy and Cut (as in “copy and paste” and “cut and paste”) so you need to use the keyboard to perform these essential functions. Here are a few keyboard shortcuts you can use in the Joomla editor and in most Windows applications:


  • Ctrl-C = Copy selected (highlighted) text
  • Ctrl-X = Cut (Copy text, then remove it)
  • Ctrl-V = Paste copied text
  • Ctrl-A = Select all text


  • Ctrl-B = Bold the selected text or un-bold previously bolded text (This is called “toggling” the bolding of text.)
  • Ctrl-I = Toggles italicizing¬†selected text
  • Ctrl-U = Toggles underlining of selected text

Undo a change:

  • Ctrl-Z = Undo last change (repeat to undo multiple changes)
  • Ctrl-Y = Redo the change most recently “undone”