Help Us Make Fearrington an Even Better Place to Live

Help Us Make Fearrington an Even Better Place to Live

Posted April 6, 2021

The recent Community Assessment Survey suggested that large numbers of residents consider Fearrington Village a highly desirable place to live, and many are willing to help in keeping it so. Some features stood out as especially important in enhancing the quality of our lives. In the coming months we hope to develop these features further, making sure they can be maintained, and addressing any deficiencies that now exist. To do this we need your help.

The FHA Long Range Planning Committee (LRPC) has defined four “initiatives” that will become the focal points for future development. The four initiatives, and the LRPC member to contact for more information, are

For each of these initiatives we plan to form a team of volunteers. Each team will be charged with deciding on specific goals that ought to be pursued, how best to achieve the goals, and what might be needed in the way of time and money.

This will be an enterprise that involves the whole community. We are asking every resident to consider helping with one of the initiatives. More details have been provided in a separate document, which you can find on the FHA website. Each initiative calls for its own set of talents and interests among the team members. Please read the document to find out where you might best be able to help.

If you are able to invest your time, energy, and abilities over the next three to four months, the LRPC would be delighted to consider your participation in one of these projects.  Please contact the person listed as the contact for the initiative that most interests you.

With your help, we can make Fearrington Village an even better place to live. To reword a well-known aphorism, “Do ask what the FHA can do for you. Then ask how you can help accomplish it.”