Mailing Information

Mailing Information

Fearrington Village

If you live in Fearrington Village, you have a mailing address and a delivery address. Your mailing address is the one that the US Post Office uses to deliver your letters, magazines and the occasional package; it consists of your lot number followed by “Fearrington Post.”

Your delivery address is your street address, i.e., the address you would give to vendors who will send a truck to deliver a package, and the same address you would give to dinner guests.

The simplest method to both get mail from the Post Office as well as having packages delivered to your door is to combine both addresses, adhering to the order in the example below:

[Street #][Street name]
[Lot #] Fearrington Post
Pittsboro, NC 27312

Notice the order: Recipient, # Street Name, # Fearrington Post, Pittsboro, NC 27312, with the Fearrington Post address on a separate line just above city and state. For letters and magazines sent through the mail, the street address can be omitted. Follow this order strictly, and you will minimize the chances of your mail or packages going awry.

For most residents, your lot number is the same as your street address number. However, those numbers differ for all Camden Park addresses and some addresses in the Woods. Where the lot number differs from the street number, it is shown in parentheses in the directory. 


  • Write “Fearrington Village” anywhere in your address. 
  • Use “P.O.” or “P.O. Box” in your address.

Many utilities, local authorities and vendors, such as Amazon, allow you to enter separate delivery and billing addresses. Make use of this, particularly for utilities which often default to your street address.  If you do specify a billing address, we recommend that you use only your “Fearrington Post” address.  Mailed items addressed only to your street address will not be delivered.

Mail Kiosk Locations

There are eight mail kiosks: on Creekwood; in West Camden; on Swim and Croquet Road (near the Gathering Place); at Village Way and Lassiter Lane (Smokehouse); in Whisperwood Close; in Baneberry Close; at Millcroft and East Camden; and in Henderson Place.

Galloway Ridge

For the villas: ___ Speyside Circle; Pittsboro, NC 27312

For the apartments: 3000 Galloway Ridge, Apt. ___; Pittsboro, NC 27312