Minutes of the Open Board Meeting – January 19, 2012

Minutes of the Open Board Meeting – January 19, 2012

The meeting was called to order by President David Erisman at 7:00 PM. Since there were several new Board members the President asked each of them to identify themselves. In addition, to the Board members present there were 25 residents who attended.

Bob DeVido, the Treasurer, noted that over the last few years the Board had expended about $90,000 for such items as improved lighting at the Gathering Place, better audio-visual equipment, as well as a major landscaping job. He noted that the existing reserve fund would provide for necessary repairs and replacement over the next several years. He called attention to the fact that annual dues statements had been sent and urged residents to see that their dues were paid before the end of January in order to avoid a penalty.

President Erisman reported that a new two year contract, with CAMS, our managing agent, had been agreed to and would become effective on April 1, 2012. He called attention to the left turn yellow arrow turn signal at 15/501 and Village way which had resulted from the Board’s contact with NCDOT. Following up on a resident’s inquiry, Briar Chapel turned down a request by the FHA to allow Fearrington dog owners to use their dog park. A new Directory will be distributed in the next week or so and it has been redesigned, but still contains all the appropriate information. The redesign has allowed the FHA to save several thousand dollars. In response to the Board’s action to allow residents to decline receiving a hard copy of the Newsletter, as of this date, 197 residents have decided to opt out print delivery. David hoped that Open meetings would be better attended and suggested that those in attendance speak to their neighbors about attending future meetings since such meetings provide an opportunity for residents to both ask questions and share their concerns.


Tom Hauck, the Director of Health, Safety and Security emphasized the importance of having the File of Life on the refrigerator to assist those who may be involved in responding to an emergency. A recent incident in the Village served to highlight the importance of such action. Tom introduced Rita Spina who described the Citizens’ College, a program designed to acquaint residents with various aspects of Chatham County government. A course is offered for $20 covering seven sessions each detailing another aspect of government in the county. Additional information can be obtained from the website which is www.chathamcitizens.org and clicking on Citizens’ College. Jon Darling, responsible for Community Watch, suggested that residents check that website for useful information. Tom introduced Ruth Kreisman, responsible for the Road Safety Committee, who emphasized the need to stop at stop signs, and urged pedestrians to walk facing traffic and to get off the road when a car approaches. She indicated that the speed monitor has collected information on speeds in the Village and that information is being analyzed and will be shared with the Sheriff’s department.

Tom then introduced Deputy Sheriff Tim White who gave a presentation about the variety of scams about which residents need to be wary. Among these were sweepstakes, travel packages, others offering prizes, as well as scams involving individuals who come to your door offering deals to repave your driveway or re-roof your house. He emphasized the increase in identify theft and urged residents to be very cautious about giving any information such as SS #’s, parent’s maiden names, birthdates to anyone about whom they are not sure. The need to safeguard valuables and important papers was still another caution especially from strangers who may be in and out of your house.

Tim White’s final comment on scams was, “If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.”

It was then time for residents’ comments and concerns. One resident raised the question of whether or not there should be a four way stop at East Camden and Weathersfield. Since that is a state road that decision would have to be made by NCDOT. Another resident asked about safety questions and Tim White indicated that garage doors should be locked at all times and if you use lights to indicate occupancy, when you are away, these would be turned on at different times in different rooms. Another resident asked the Board to investigate looping the room so that those with hearing loss could be better served. In addition, there was a question about whether or not anything could be done about the echo in the large meeting room.

There being no further questions the meeting was adjourned at 8:30 PM.

Respectfully submitted, Leonard T. Kreisman, Secretary