Minutes of the Open Board Meeting – January 7, 2013

Minutes of the Open Board Meeting – January 7, 2013

Minutes of FHA Open Board Regular Meeting, January 17, 2013

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 pm.Attending:FHA board Members: Gail Mazzocco, Joe Mottola, Bob DeVito, Stephen Hudak, Debbie Disabatino, Pat Harkins, Ken Benjamin, Bob Maarschalkerweerd, Marji Maarschalkerweerd & Pete Peterson. Residents & Guests: 15

a. Treasurer’s Report – Bob Devito. FHA ended 2012 with a small deficit, approximately $1,000.for 2013 we expect a surplus of about $9,000. In case of unexpected expenses, we have ample reserves.President’s Report – Gail Mazzoccoa. Our new CAMS client service representative is Jeanette.

b. Our insurer (Nationwide) reviewed our property. Everything was satisfactory condition. They did suggest we add some cushioning material beneath the playground equipment to reduce the risk of injury in case of a fall. Ken Benjamin reported that we are in the process of adding about 6 inches of mulch beneath the equipment.

c. Marji Maarschalkerweerd reported the Directory is on schedule and will be delivered in early February. The Directory will include all updated information through December 16, 2012.

d. Gail Mazzocco explained our relationship with Briar Chapel. County Commissioners suggested a committee be formed to deal with issues which might arise between Briar Chapel and Fearrington Village, e.g., enviormental issues or property issues because because some Briar Chapel property abuts our property. Our representative on this committee has resigned and we need a replacement. Gail asked for volunteers or suggestions for candidates.e. The mail kiosks still have pictures of the Board from last year. They will soon be replaced; (1/23), pictures will be taken of the new Board at the next Board meeting – January 23.

f. Gail gave a special thanks to all those in the audience and in the community who have volunteered in the past year.Nominating Committee – Joe Mottolla The Nominating Committee has begun to develop a slate for Board members to be elected next November. In the past it has sometimes been difficult to find people to be Board candidates. Joe encouraged people to volunteer or suggest people who would be qualified candidates.

Questions and comments from the audience. Which structures are covered by our insurance? A. Gathering Place, 3 mail kiosks, the Smokehouse and A-frame on Windstone. We also carry insurance on the Playground which is controlled by FHA

Suggestion: Next year when the bill for our dues is mailed, include information telling us what our dues cover.

Presentation: Donna Stewart, Fearrington resident and Red Cross Volunteer and Abby Cameron, Red Cross Triangle Region Emergency Services Specialist made an excellent presentation about:

The mission of the Red Cross

How the Red cross deals with emergencies

How to become a volunteer

Donna told about her work as a volunteer in New Jersey after hurricane Sandy.The meeting was adjourned at 8:30.

Pete Peterson, Secretary