Minutes of the Open Board Meeting – June 21, 2012

Minutes of the Open Board Meeting – June 21, 2012

President Erisman called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM. In addition to the Board members 25 residents attended the meeting.

Bob DeVido, the Treasurer indicated that he was already at work on the budget for 2013 and that expenses this year were in line with the 2012 budget.

Gail Mazzocco, the Vice-President indicated that all positions had candidates to fill those slots. The following names will appear on the ballot:

  • Vice President/President-elect Joe Mottola
  • Secretary Pete Peterson
  • Treasurer Bob DeVido
  • Communications Marj Maarschalkerweerd
  • Gathering Place Steve Hudak
  • Health, Safety, Security Bob Maarschalkerweerd
  • Nominating Committee Jim Dixon, Bill Sommers

President Erisman called resident’s attention to the calendar of events listed on the inside of the back cover of the current Directory. He noted that the Newcomer’s event was now scheduled for October 5th.

He warned residents about phone calls from a firm talking about air conditioning. This may be a ploy to see if the resident is home since there have been some instances of air conditioners being reported stolen in the area.

President Erisman then opened the meeting to resident questions.

One resident mentioned a window air conditioner in a house that was unoccupied and it was suggested that information should be given to the President of Country House V.

There was discussion about requiring service vendors to have identification on their vehicles when coming into Fearrington, but the consensus seemed to be that such a requirement would cause more problems than the suggested cure.

There being no further questions, David Erisman then introduced Janet Scott who did an extensive presentation of the county’s 911 system.

She described in detail the process from the time a call is made and the record keeping that is involved with each call.

She pointed out that there is an extensive backup for the system and that an addition complete center is almost completed should anything happen to the center that is operating. In that way there will be no interruption of service. The same is true if the tower that is being used fails, another tower can quickly be put on line. Should power fail generators will automatically start so that there is no possibility of calls not coming through.

There were many questions from residents all of which were answered. Janet noted that for the most recent year for which figures were available over 88,000 calls were received for which there were responses.

It was obvious that residents were impressed with the extent and quality of the service being provided and Janet was thanked for her presentation and the services that are being provided.

David then introduced John Bierling who reported that the North Chatham Fire Department has been unable to determine the cause of the recent fire on Ashton but the origin was determined to be in the garage. As an aside and unrelated to the Ashton fire John mentioned that one of the primary causes of house fires is the failure to clean the build up of lint in the clothes dryer vent/exhaust. He reminded residents to regularly clean the vents.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 8:20 PM.

Respectfully submitted, Leonard T. Kreisman, Secretary