Minutes of the Open Board Meeting – March 15, 2012

Minutes of the Open Board Meeting – March 15, 2012

The meeting was called to order by President David Erisman at 7:00 p.m. In addition to the Board members fifteen (15) residents were in attendance.

Bob DeVido, Treasurer, noted that the FHA finances are in good shape and that there are a limited number of outstanding dues payments for 2012.

David Erisman noted that the Camden Park pet stations appear to be helping to alleviate some of the problems that had been associated with the disposal of dog waste and that the Board will be considering the possibility of additional stations in key areas of the Village. He also thanked Fitch Creations for their response to the issue and their contribution that made the pet stations possible.

David noted that the request from Briar Chapel for revisions in their conditional use permit would have no effect on the Village, and the revisions were basically housekeeping details.

He noted that the inside back cover of the new Directory carried information on such important events as the Easter egg hunt, and the date for shredding and fire extinguisher checks.

Gail Mazzocco, Vice-President, noted that the Nominating committee was still looking for someone to take on the position of Secretary to the Board. Any interested residents should contact her.

Carol Kurtz, who is responsible for the Gathering Place, noted that she has only had a few responses to the idea of looping the large conference room to help the hearing impaired. Any individuals interested should contact Carol. Tom Hauck, responsible for Safety, displayed a new speed monitor and noted that it takes pictures of all cars going faster than the posted speed limit.

Ronnie Page, Assistant Fire Chief, and Captain Cale Curtis then did a presentation on fire safety. Among the information shared was the following:

    1. Residents who need help installing smoke detectors can call 542-3380 for assistance.
    2. When a smoke detector chirps it is time to change the battery and the suggestion is that batteries be changed each time we move from daylight saving back to the time in the fall.
    3. Residents should realize that when they start speaking to the dispatcher, on a 911 call, there is another dispatcher who is involved in making sure that the required help is on the way. Callers need to stay on the line until the 911 dispatcher has indicated that the call is completed.
    4. Keeping an updated FILE OF LIFE on the refrigerator is of critical importance in cases of medical emergencies. This provides important information for first responders.
    5. All residents need to know what their evacuation route is in case of any emergency and make sure that they know where to meet so that everyone can be accounted for.
    6. Pay attention to any recall notices for any equipment that may present a potential fire hazard.
    7. If you have to use your fire extinguisher make sure you are backing away and moving toward an exit.

In addition to these suggestions both Mr. Page and Mr. Cole responded to specific questions that residents raised.

During the period for resident input, concern was again raised about dog etiquette and the Board indicated that the item remains on their agenda. It was emphasized that pet owners need to bear the major responsibility for taking care of their pet’s waste.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 8:35 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, Leonard T. Kreisman, Secretary