Minutes of the Open Board Meeting – March 21, 2013

Minutes of the Open Board Meeting – March 21, 2013

Minutes of FHA Open Board Meeting March 21, 2013

The meeting was called to order at 7:03 pm.

Attending: FHA board Members: Gail Mazzocco, Joe Mottola, Bob DeVito, Stephen Hudak, Debbie Disabatino, Pat Harkins, Ken Benjamin, Bob Maarschalkerweerd, and Pete Peterson

Residents & Guests: 25 – 30

Treasurer’s Report – Bob Devito FHA financial status is good. Dues are about $5200 in arrears which is better than this time last year.

Guest Speaker – Karen Metzger – Fearrington Cares Executive Director and Registered Nurse Ms. Metzger talked about areas which she believes Fearrington Cares covers well and those she would like to see expanded in the future. She believes Fearrington Cares handles point of care needs well, e.g., taking blood pressure or changing a bandage. She would like to develop more self-help services so residents can stay in their homes longer if they wish to. She asked for help from residents as to what they would like from Fearrington Cares. Discussion and a question and answer period followed.

President’s Report – Gail Mazzocco

  • Camden Park Pet Stations – Pet owners are urged to use the pet stations to dispose of pet waste. The Board will look into having the pet stations emptied more frequently since it was mentioned that the stations are often full.
  • 5K Run/Walk – Galloway Ridge is [planning a 5K Run/Walk on September 28, 2013 to support Alzheimer’s treatment programs in Chatham County. The event will be on Fearrington streets. The exact route has not been determined but input from neighborhoods and Service Groups will be solicited.
  • Village Walkways – The trails have had fresh grit/gravel added by volunteers led by Henry Castner. This is an example of the work done by resident volunteers.

Questions/Comments from Residents:

  • Q. Is there a list of areas Fitch cares for and those FHA cares for?
  • A. The FHA website has a list of areas for which FHA is responsible.
  • Q. Will the walkways ever be paved to provide a more even surface for walking?
  • A. There are no plans to pave the walkways. The walkways are on Fitch property and are a Fitch responsibility although Village volunteers sometimes provide minor maintenance. Please note this ia not an FHA activity or responsibility.
  • A resident asked for volunteers for the road safety committee to help move speed monitors.

Comments from Board Members:

Vice-President – Joe Mottola – The Nominating Committee now has a full slate of candidates for the November election. Names of the candidates and their resumés will be published later this year.

Covenants – Pat Harkins – There has been a recent case of a resident who had trees removed by a vendor who came to her door. Once the trees were removed, the wood was piled in her yard and not removed. We have been in touch with the Sheriff as a possible scam. Residents should be careful about using vendors when they have no prior experience with the vendor or a recommendation.

Debbie Disabatino – Upcoming events:

  • March 30 – Easter Egg Hunt
  • April 12 – Newcomers Meet & Greet
  • April 20 – Shredding, Hazardous Waste Collection & Fire Extinguisher Check

Ken Benjamin – The 10 new cherry trees in front of the Gathering Place are budding and blooming. In response to a number of questions about the roadways both in the Village and on 15/501, Ken reminded attendees that the roads are almost all the responsibility of the North Carolina Department of Transportation and that concerns need to be addressed to them.

Bob Maarschalkerweerd – Reported speed monitor results indicate the monitors do help reduce speeds.

Q. There is a lot of speeding on Creekwood. Can we have a speed monitor on Creekwood?

A. There is only one place on Creekwood that the sight distance needed for the monitor is available. Plans for future monitor stands are being explored.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:15 p.m.