FHA Plans for Roadside Pathways: Meeting with Department of Transportation

FHA Plans for Roadside Pathways: Meeting with Department of Transportation

Posted June 26

On June 16, members of the FHA Board and the Long Range Planning Committee met with representatives of the NC Department of Transportation (NCDoT), Justin Bullock, Jennifer Britt, and Blaine Rivers. The purpose of the meeting was to address several questions that have arisen concerning roads and pathways in Fearrington Village.

The FHA Walking Paths and Nature Trails Subcommittee has developed a list of proposed improvements for roadside pathways and crosswalks with Fearrington Village. A number of questions arose concerning state statutes and regulations that might affect these proposals. The subcommittee’s proposals are listed in a separate document.

Patrick McGahan, chair of the subcommittee, summarized the conclusions reached as a result of the discussion. The summary has been sent to the DOT representatives for their review.

A. DOT rules for paths within a DOT easement:

    1. DOT prefers that paths be located at least 7-10 feet from the edge of road surface.
    2. If ditch is present on the path side of the road, the ditch should be between the road and path to maintain water runoff.
    3. If it is needed, access to the path may be accomplished by applying for installation of an appropriate pipe bridge in the ditch.
    4. There are no DOT required ADA compliance rules for paths unless a curb and gutter are present.

B. DOT Path Approval Process, required only for paths that fall within the DOT right of way:

    1. Applicant must obtain an Encroachment Agreement from state DOT
    2. Application can be submitted through the Chatham County office of Jennifer Britt.
    3. Applicant must submit visual description of the proposed path on a map showing 2ft contour/elevation lines, and clearly showing on which side of the road the path resides.

C. Department of Transportation Crosswalk Approval Process:

    1. Crosswalks will only be approved if they are connecting paths or sidewalks on each side of the road.
    2. Applicant must submit an Encroachment Agreement Request to Chatham DOT.
    3. Applicant can speed up the installation process by offering to contact directly with a state licensed contractor for crosswalk painting.
    4. DOT will provide contracting specifications with the approval notice.