New Stop Sign at Top of S. Langdon

New Stop Sign at Top of S. Langdon

NewStopSignTopSouthLangdonFHA Health, Safety & Security Notice

NCDOT has installed a stop sign at the top of South Langdon. Bradford Place and South Langdon are both state secondary roads, and Henderson Place will also be sometime in the near future.

This is an official state traffic sign, which has been installed there following a review of traffic conditions by NCDOT’s Traffic and Road Engineers to improve the safety of vehicular traffic at what is now an operational 3-way intersection.

Since this is new traffic pattern, we are advised to publicly announce the change. Prior to the increase in vehicle activity into and out of Henderson Place, drivers have been passing through that then-uncompleted intersection without any required stop.

Now that traffic activity is increasing at that location, both new signage and new driver behavior are necessary. Please be advised of the need to adjust the way you may have been driving through this intersection.

Here’s a guide to the significant effects of this new signage:

  • There is just one stop sign at this intersection, which is located at the top of South Langdon, and all traffic coming up South Langdon must stop.
  • All traffic leaving Bradford Place has the right-of-way to turn RIGHT onto South Langdon OR to go STRAIGHT into Henderson Place.
  • All traffic leaving Henderson Place has a right-of-way to go STRAIGHT into Bradford Place, but must YIELD to right-turning traffic that is exiting Bradford Place onto South Langdon. (This is the common rule for traffic turns under such a situation.)