New Way to Manage Your Website Info (Revised 2/11/2019)

New Way to Manage Your Website Info (Revised 2/11/2019)

1stop whereAfter many false starts and a lot of help from one of the software developers whose (free) products help make the site what it is, we have finally made available a sort of one-stop place where you can manage your preferences of the information stored on the website: your directory listings, paper subscriptions (FHA Newsletter, Printed Directory & Handbook), e-Subscriptions (e-Newsletter, death notices, emergency notices), and login information (password, email). To get to this page, move your mouse-cursor over the word Directory on the top menu, where you’ll find Update Your Info, and left-click it. See image to the right.

In this page you will find three “tabs” along the top, under the title. These four are Directory Listings, Paper Subscriptions, e-Subscriptions, and Login Details. The page opens with the Directory+Paper tab showing. Click either of the other tables to show its contents. You can change the information on any or all of the tabs, or none of them if you just want to see what they look like.

Here are some brief comments about each tab:

Directory Listing

In the Directory Listings, Paper Deliveries tab, you will find all the information we use to print the FHA Directory late in December every year, for distribution to residents in January. You can also update your preferences for hardcopy delivery of the FHA Newsletter and the Directory & Handbook.

To change contact information just click in the box and alter or delete the contents. (NOTE: A first and last name is required for every person.) Please note the large advisory regarding directory email changes. These should be coordinated with your login email in order to access this page!

To change a delivery preference, click the checkbox under Paper Deliveries. (Checked means you want that delivery.) 

Make all your changes to the information on the page, then click any of the Submit buttons to save all changes. A short message will be displayed briefly as the household and any individual information that changed is recorded on the database.

 E-SubscriptionsUse the e-Subscriptions tab to change your preferences of FHA communications sent to your email address. 

Each of the three subscription choice button pairs is followed by the name of the subscription and a description of the emails sent to subscribers. All are optional, but we strongly urge that everyone subscribe to Emergency Notifications. Emergency Notifications are used only to inform subscribers of conditions that are of immediate concern, and could affect Fearrington.

Make your selections and then click Submit at the bottom of the page.

 Login InfoThe Login Details tab lets you change your password and login-related email. Your login email here must match one of the emails on the Directory Listings tab in order for you to view the Directory Listings tab.

Make your selections and then click Submit at the bottom of the page.