FHA Open Meeting: Beechmast Pond

FHA Open Meeting: Beechmast Pond

Updated April 28, 2021

An Open Meeting was held Tuesday April 27, 2021. The meeting was devoted primarily to a discussion of plans for the future of Beechmast Pond. A recording of the proceedings is now available for viewing. The passcode is #Khd2@6G

Maintaining Beechmast pond is one of the larger expense items in the FHA budget, and the cost is increasing every year. A decision needs to be made soon concerning changes to the pond that could significantly reduce maintenance costs. Jesse Fearrington (Director, Grounds and Landscaping) described the options that are available for modifying the pond, and Tony Daniels (Treasurer) described how the costs of any option might be funded from the reserves budget.

Numerous questions and comments had been received prior to the meeting, and others were asked during the meeting itself. Answers to most of these questions were provided by Jesse Fearrington. A complete set of answers will be posted on the FHA website as soon as they can be prepared.

The FHA Board will not make any decision about the options until residents have had an opportunity to express their preferences. A survey that addresses this issue will be circulated during May.

In addition to the Beechmast Pond issue, Rose Krasnow, (Vice President) described the current situation with respect to wastewater treatment in Fearrington Village, as well as saying something about the quality of drinking water.  Carl Angel (President) talked briefly about three other issues faced by the FHA Board, namely, the reopening of the Gathering Place, a planned overhaul of FHA covenants, and elections for the FHA Board in November. Carl encouraged anyone who might be interested in serving on the board to contact Rose Krasnow at vp@fhaboard.org.