President’s Message – October 2014

President’s Message – October 2014

One of the most important functions of the FHA is to support the exchange of information and to keep open lines of communication in the community. Among the tools we have available to us, one of the best is our extraordinary FHA website. This month, I want to pay tribute to the behind-the-scene vol-unteers who have developed that website over time and have kept it running so well for the benefit of all of us.

Jim Brooking has been at work for years designing and developing the website, adding new fea-tures and significant styling to make the site more appealing. Jim provided the technical programming for the Bulletin Board which is the heaviest used section of the site. He works with clubs on their logos and site navigation and is constantly available for training club members in maintenance of their sub-sites. Jim also converts the hard copy of the Newsletter to an electronic version and emails it to elec-tronic subscribers.

Julia Hardy, on a daily basis, handles ”feature” events and notices of community wide interest and importance, ordering these on the Front Page and in Club Events by date as they occur and putting expi-ration dates on all dated articles. She also creates and updates events on the Village Calendar for most of the items that have date-time requirements.

Pat Skiver works in the trenches alongside Jim helping with registration applications to insure that our site (at least certain parts of it) is accessible to only current residents, owners or alumni who are eli-gible to access it. Pat makes most of the Directory changes that occur through the year as people change addresses and phone numbers or arrive in and leave Fearrington. Lastly, she posts almost all the death notices that you read.

The point is that these are not casual volunteers but people who are committed to the website. They are people we all have come to depend on for things that many of us take for granted. They back each other up very well and indeed have the support of other committed volunteers in the smooth running of the website.

The entire FHA Board joins me in recognizing their sustained effort and thanking them for it.

Joe Mottola, President