President’s Message – September, 2013

President’s Message – September, 2013

It feels like months since I wrote my last newsletter article. The combined July-August Newsletter allowed all of us to take a bit of a summer break but it also left me feeling a bit cut off from all of you. Never fear though since autumn is coming and with it a return to monthly written communication.

Of course, FHA has a great web page that serves as a vehicle for sharing news and gathering information. I am not sure how often you use that terrific resource but I know that it is an enormous help to me. Hardly a week goes by when I do not go to in order to gather up-to-date information, find a current phone number or just see what’s doing here in the Village. It is especially useful to your Board since it allows us to add information about activities that are scheduled after the newsletter has gone to press but that will occur before the next edition. I’d like to express my appreciation to all of the Communication Team and send special thanks to Jim Brooking, our Webmaster, along with Jon Darling and Julia Hardy. Some of you may know that Julia is trying to step back a bit from her web page responsibilities after a period of dedicated activity. She deserves recognition for all that she has done.

With the autumn comes a raft of activities but I would urge you to put the September 19th FHA Open Meeting on your calendar. This is the last open meeting before our November 17th annual meeting/election and will give you an opportunity to meet the candidates for the Board and Nominating Committee .We are delighted with the efforts of our current Nominating Committee and with the willingness of Villagers to serve one another in these important positions. I cannot tell you how often friends have asked me about my experience as FHA President and I have said without hesitation that the year has been stimulating, edifying, a great social experience but, most of all, lots of fun. Please note the annual meeting will be held on Sunday, November 17, from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. at The Barn. As you may know, Fitch Creations allows us to hold the meeting there gratis, but that means that we must work around the many special events that are scheduled there. We hope that the date and time will work for most of you since we so enjoy seeing as many of you as possible at least once per year.

I’d like to end by giving a “shout out” to our Newsletter Co-editors, Dinah McAllister and Diane Vannais. We all see the wonderful product they turn out each month but may not realize how hard they work to make it look so good. None the less, most of us refer to their creation many times over a month, and now we know who to thank for it.

Welcome to the autumn!

Gail Mazzocco
FHA President