Prior Great Decisions Programs 2005-2012

Prior Great Decisions Programs 2005-2012

All Fearrington GREAT DECISIONS programs are free and open to all Fearrington and Galloway Ridge residents and their guests.

Prior Program Dates / Topic / Speaker

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09/2005 Poverty

UNC Professor

10/2005PovertyAllan Smith
11/2005Taiwan-Chinese RelationsLi-ling Hsia
12/2005IraqCurt Jones
01/2006Failed Nation StatesFrank Crigler
02/2006TurkeyMichael Cotter
03/2006Nuclear WeaponsAlex Roland
04/2006PandemicsPhil Burke
05/2006U.S. Future RoleMickey West
09/2006BrazilA. Poihera-Poyastro
10/2006Past Political ConventionsWalt Mears
11/2006Storytelling in Mid-EastJohn Maier
12/2006Vatican-US RelationsMichael Hornblow
01/2007Kosovo,Bosnia, Yugosla.Robert Jenkins
02/2007Climate ChangePeter Robinson
03/2007Global War on TerrorJohn Moellering
04/2007A World Fit for ChildrenDavid Haxton
05/2007Central AsiaMichael Cotter
09/2007US State DepartmentRenee M. Earle
10/2007War CrimesMichael Struett
11/2007ImmigrationLinda Stryker
12/2007 Foreign Cleric/PolicySam Wells
01/2008Effects of Atomic BombsCharles Waldren
02/2008Talking to the EnemyMichael Cotter
03/2008Russia: Where headed? David Griffiths
04/2008Conflict ReliefPeter Maki
05/2008Iraq MedicalDr. Jim Lea
09/2008European UnionDavid Griffiths
10/2008Global HealthMargaret Bentley
11/2008Middle East TensionAkram Khater
12/2008Habitat for Humanity Int’l Mary Ellen Taylor
01/2009Hostage – IranCortlandt Barnes
02/2009CubaLars Schoultz
03/2009Global Financial CrisisStanley Black
04/2009Global Food CrisisGuy Baird
05/2009American Grand StrategyPeter Feaver
09/2009American Grand StrategyRichard Kohn
10/2009East AsiaLouisa Kilgroe
11/2009AstronomyFred Chaffee
12/2009World MusicMarzanna Poplawska
01/2010Prospects for ME PeaceGehardt Weinberg
02/2010International MigrationNiklaus Steiner
03/2010Mexico and CanadaSteve Kelly
04/2010ArcticLada Kochtcheeva
05/2010DarfurSarah Lischer
09/2010Politics of Foreign AidTimothy McKeown
10/2010Knowing Elie WieselMartha Hauptman
11/2010Homegrown TerrorismDavid Schanzer
12/2010Venezuela & BrazilPatrick Duddy
01/2011IndiaJay Swaninathan
02/2011National SecurityJoseph Caddel
03/2011Attitudes toward WarChristopher Gelpi
04/2011China: A Global PlayerG Clinton & D Kahler
05/2011The Truth DeficitTony Oberschall
10/2011RembrandtHans Hageman
11/2011Health SchemesStephen Barrett
12/2011Afghanistan/PakistanMichael Cotter
01/2012Arab SpringProf.Akram Khater
02/2012AfghanistanWilliam Lucas / Diplomat in Residence
03/2012ImpeachmentAlan Baron, JD
04/2012American Economic CompetitivenessProf. Peter A. Coclones
05/2012The EU and EUROHans Hageman
09/2012No Program    —-    —-    —
10/2012Political Change: Creeping RightProf. George Lankevich
11/2012Analysis of the 2012 ElectionsProf. William Leuchtenburg
12/2012Origins of WWI: Revisited/RevisedProf. Sam Williamson
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