Protecting Directory Contact Information

Protecting Directory Contact Information

We all know that there are many and varied ways determined trackers like marketeers and stalkers can access anyone’s personal contact information, even if the information is carefully guarded. The Experian hack, which exposed personal information for some 140 million people demonstrates that the information is out there, and Experian, Equifax and Transunion will be happy to share with anyone brandishing a checkbook.

The FHA Web Team have tried not to be a source of residents’ contact information through our policies and procedures. For the benefit of our successors, I have tried to set these forth below. 

The guiding principle is this:

Contact information for our residents is not made available to non-residents through our web services.

Web services includes pages on the website and the various emails set up It also includes the web-based support for the FHA directory.

The integrity of the directory service is essential, and over the years we have generally followed these rules:

  1. Listing ones name and any desired (by the resident) contact information in the Directory is at the option of the resident. Exception: Residents who chose to be considered for position on the FHA Board or Nominating committee, or as officers or committee chairs of service groups must be listed by name and address, but no contact information is required.
  2. Any resident may ask to be listed or “unlisted” or change contact information at any time. Residents’ directory information will remain in the directory until they are no longer a resident ot Fearrington Village or Galloway Ridge. Requests to list a resident in the directory must originate or be approved by the resident. Requests to unlist may originate with the resident or the Area or Block Contact for the resident’s address.

With the exception of the FHA Board and Nominating Committee, and the Service Groups’ officers and committee chairs, a website login is required to view pages that display personal information. All attempts to register for a login are verified to be current residents of Fearrington or Galloway Ridge before the logins are activated. This assures that logged-in web visitors are either residents or “alumni”, so directory information is kept “all in the family”.