Quick Reference Page Updates

Quick Reference Page Updates

The Quick Reference page linked on the top menu under “Info” needs to be updated when the directory is republished in order to get the page numbers in the “printable” Quick Reference to match the new directory pages.

Clicking the Quick Reference link shows only website links for available information, while the “Print” box at the bottom of the page will print the information on a single sheet of paper and will refer to page numbers in the FHA directory. Three files are used to display and print the information:

  1. /fhaphp/fyi.php – invoked by a Joomla article. Calls a function to display the reference material, and displays a print “button” at the bottom
  2. /newprint/fyisource.php – contains reference material source, including page numbers that may change. CSS (@media groupings) used to differentiate between screen display and print display.
  3. /newprint/fyi.css – CSS to display the Quick Reference page as a web page or as a print image.

These are the ONLY three files involved in the Quick Reference page, and usually only the fyisource.php file needs to be adjusted to fix page numbering.

If the text on the page is changed, be sure to check to see that a) items are still alphabetized, and b) the print version still fits on the page. If it overflows, adjust margina, padding and/or font-size.