Revised Landscape Guidelines for Camden Park

Revised Landscape Guidelines for Camden Park

At its February meeting, the Camden Park Board of Directors has approved revisions to the landscaping guidelines to make them easier to understand and follow. The landscaping committee revised these guidelines as a way to maintain a consistent look in Camden Park landscapes, while still allowing homeowners to provide personal touches to their gardens. These guidelines are now part of the 2023 Camden Park Welcome Book, which is always accessible on this site.

Highlights include:

  • Clarifying what services Camden Park landscape, tree, and mulching contractors provide
  • Clarifying individual homeowners’ responsibilities, including regular maintenance of garden beds and pots
  • Providing a link to garden contractors if you’re unable to maintain your landscaping
  • Explaining what qualifies as yard waste
  • Clarifying where homeowners should position planted decorative pots
  • Explaining how to install mulch on your personal property, if you opt to do your own mulching
  • Prohibiting homeowners’ plantings and mulching in common areas
  • Directing water drainage away from homes and neighboring properties
  • Explaining when you need to submit a landscaping change request and when you don’t

Planning spring garden renovations? For a Landscape Change Request form, click here. Questions? Contact us.

Read the revised landscape change guidelines by clicking here.