Short Link to a Group Website

Short Link to a Group Website

If you have a need to put a link to a group’s website in text outside of the “Groups Directory” (linked from the Groups drop-downmenu and from “Clubs and Organizations” on the left menu), there is, as of 12/15/2011, a relatively easy way to make a link to the group website: (i)

or alternatively (ii)

Format (i) requires an unambiguous character string that is a part of the group’s title. For example, “adopt” (without quotes) is unambiguous, as there is only one group that has this character string in it: Adopt-a-Highway. However, “women” is ambiguous because there are two groups with titles that include “women”: Women of Fearrington and American Association of University Women.

Format (ii) requires the id-number of the group as it is stored in the FHA website directory. This id-number has been added to a group’s directory listing, printed in a very light gray on the right side of the line containing the group’s title.

If the GroupID or the TitleString don’t match anything in the directory database, an error is issued. An error is also issued if the TitleString is ambiguous.

Using this convenience link in a website article, please select “Open in a new window” as the “Target” of the link  so a new browser window is opened to show the linked group site.

Use of this convenience linking should be limited to groups which have a linkable website that’s seen in the directory listing for the group, as in “Click [link] to learn more.” If the group is in the directory but does not have a link, then using this convenience link will simply open the groups directory page.

Note: Do NOT use this convenience link as the link saved in the Groups Directory, as this will cause the link to just keep reloading itself ad infinitum.

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