Song Sampler

Song Sampler

Some in the Village Voices (ladies) and Harmony Grits (gentlemen) are practiced musicians, some are novices, whose only practicing has only been in sing-alongs and shower stalls.

Some read music; others don’t.  

Some are physically fit, others just fitting in as well as we can. 

All of us are too old to tell.

All love music and are eager to make the most of the now seasoned instrument that came with us when we stepped onto the shores of light.

Regular, unstrenuous exercise, we discover, is as good for the vocal chords as for the arms and legs. Through unlaborious rehearsals with our director, Matt Fry, straying sounds are tamed — so well, in fact, that sometimes we surprise even ourselves, and, I think, our audiences.

All of us are addicted to talk and the laughter that, like song, burbles up from beneath our diaphragms.

There is not one of us who does not treasure the friendships that over time we have formed with one another. To sum up, in these non-audition community choruses we have found, I kid you not, a fountain of youth. Oh, not youth on the outside, to be sure, but the young man or woman within that looks upon “one more dawn” with guileless, eager eyes.

If you doubt what I’m saying, but think you might like to join us, just in case it’s true, please come to our Spring Concert in the Fearrington Barn. Under Matt’s direction, and accompanied by our expert pianists, Vera Graye and Leigh Denny, we are offering a rollicking Song Sampler from the ornate Baroque period to bawdy Broadway and The Beatles.

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