Troubleshooting Problems With the Website

Troubleshooting Problems With the Website

A number of people have complained about not being able to login and/or not seeing the Bulletin Board. Almost all have been Apple product users. Here are some suggestions to try and deal with these issues.

  1. Before beginning, check any bookmarks for the website. The correct bookmark for the site’s main, or home page is


    The “www” is essential! All other bookmarks should be deleted!

  2. DO NOT use Google or another search encine to find the website. There are other, similar-sounding and -looking websites that can pop up in search results. They have no relationship to the Fearrington Homeowners Association.
  3. Login using the “Login or Logout” form to the left on the Home Page. It’s between the (beltie) site logo and the Pittsboro Weather.
  4. Where is BBFinding the Bulletin Board: When you login as above, look for a row of five “tabs” right below the blue “top menu”. These are labeled:


    Click the right-most of these.

  5. Another less common problem is that no Bulletin Board posts are shown, although the top section, where you can enter a post, does show. Bulletin Board posts are displayed using a browser scripting language called Javascript, which communicates with our server using a standard procedure called AJAX (don’t ask!). There is a known bug in Microsoft Internet Explorer version 10, when running on Windows 8.0. With this combination, AJAX calls made through the system do not work! The problem with this combination has no solution except a) use a different browser (e.g., Chrome or Firefox) or b) Upgrade your Windows 8.0 to 8.1 and your Internet Explorer to version 11. (IE version 11 is not available for Windows 8.0.)
  6. One suggestion, which we realize will not be particularly welcome to Apple users, is to try a different browser. Safari is provided with Apple computers, and older versions have been known to lack features and/or standards compliance. Other (free) browsers for Apple devices are Chrome and Firefox. (Click the name to find out more.)