Vacant Lot

This form is provided to let FHA’s directory managers know when a Fearrington residence has been vacated because the owners (or renters) have moved or for any other reason.

To report a vacancy, type the Fearrington Post (lot) number in the Address box below. As you begin typing, lot numbers and street addresses matching your typing will appear below the box. When the lot number and street address you want to report appears, click it, so it appears in the Address box.

If the address you want to report does not appear in the list of choices, it means that the residence has already been marked vacant.

If you have any comments (optional!) just type them into the Remarks box, then click the Submit button, and you’re done. You will receive a copy of the email we send as a result of this report.

Choose by lot number

NOTE: Only lots with registered residents can be selected! If the lot you want to report is not in the selection list it means someone has already reported it vacant, or someone is living there.

  1. Type FP/Lot No., then click the one you’re looking for:

  2. Remarks (optional):

  3. Click: